Consider this your one and only Black Friday and Cyber Monday survival guide, here to help you keep every killer sale on your radar and navigate the best possible deals from the brands you love. (A simultaneous "you're welcome" and "sorry" to your wallet.)

Keep checking back on this page periodically for updates, as we'll continue adding even more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals when the deets become available.

KKW Beauty Just Announced You Can Get Up To 50 Percent Off SO Many Buys For Black Friday

By Bella Gerard
Hi, so we need to talk about the fact that KKW Beauty is on a roll — like, seriously on a roll. Kim Kardashian West and her team have been spoiling us with new product launches and collabs, and now that KKW Beauty's Black Friday 2018 sale is almost…

H&M's Black Friday Sale Scores You Major Deals For Your Holiday Festivities

By Marisa Casciano
Deck the halls with racks of clothes! That's how the song goes, right? OK, maybe not. But, take a second and imagine what that scene might look like in your apartment. There would be wooden hangers with sherpa coats and off-the-shoulder tops…

You Can Save $30 On Instant Pots & Keurig K-Minis During Target's Black Friday Sale

By Lizzy Rosenberg
Ah, Black Friday. The infamous post-Thanksgiving pilgrimage, when you drag your overstuffed, pie-filled, on-the-brink-of-a-food-coma body to your hometown mall, in an unyielding attempt to snag deals on sweaters, TVs, and various kitchen appliances.…

The 9 Best Black Friday Travel Deals, So You Can Satisfy Your Wanderlust For Less

By Kristin Corpuz
As a wanderluster, you have a bucket list filled with dreamy destinations, and you're longing to visit as many as possible. But, it's no secret that traveling is quite expensive, especially when you're trying to head abroad. When you start…

Amazon's Black Friday Sale Isn't Your Typical Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Spree

By Amanda Fama
Black Friday sales usually begin on, well, Black Friday. However, Amazon plays the shopping game a little bit differently. You might have noticed that the online retail giant has been putting various items on sale throughout November — so you could…

Baskin-Robbins Is Giving Away Free Cake On Cyber Monday For A Post-Holiday Treat

By Lizzy Rosenberg
When you think of Cyber Monday, you most likely think of avidly perusing the World Wide Web for a delightful selection of discounts, spanning from random articles clothing to various electronic devices, and, of course, a variety of home goods.…