Lyft's Black Friday 2019 Sale  Is offering major discounts on bike rides.

Lyft Is Having A Black Friday Sale On Bikeshare Memberships, So Get Riding

Black Friday deals seem to know no end, so of course, there are deals on bikeshares to be had. Lyft's Black Friday sale is coming, but the promo codes for this one are strictly for modes of transportation with two wheels. With the company's bikeshare deal, you can make your commute easier by biking around the city at a discounted price.

Even though Lyft won't be offering any official rideshare promos for Thanksgiving, you can still score a deal on an annual bikeshare membership. The company says the cities included in the deal are New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Washington D.C.; Boston, Massachusetts; Portland, Oregon; and Columbus, Ohio. Whether you buy it for yourself or one of your besties who loves a good bike ride, you'll be getting up to 30% or $50 off an annual membership.

To get the deal, you'll need to visit the link for the city you wish to purchase bikeshare access in. From Nov. 28 through Dec. 2., New Yorkers (Citi Bike) can get $50 off a $169 annual membership (instead paying $119) with the promo code "SAVE50." Additionally, those located in Chicago (Divvy), Washington D.C. (Capital Bikeshare), Boston (Bluebikes), Portland (BIKETOWN), or Columbus (CoGo) will be discounted 30% on memberships ranging from $75 to $99 (instead paying between $52 to $70, depending on the bikeshare program) with the code "SAVE30."

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When you sign up on the aforementioned websites, you'll use the email address for yourself or whoever you are gifting the bikeshare to. If you give Lyft's deal as a gift, the person you gift it to will receive an email with a code that they can redeem on any date they choose, which means their year of bike services will begin when they activate it. Lyft didn't specify when it will begin if you buy it for yourself, so I'd take a close look at the details when you're purchasing it.

Whatever your preferred method of transportation is around a big city, you might consider snagging a discounted one-year bikeshare membership for yourself or a friend. To grab Lyft's Black Friday deal, make sure you log on and follow the link to your desired city to complete the deal.