At The Moment

You’ve Never Seen Kiana Madeira Like This Before

With two grown-up movies out now, the Fear Street star is expanding her breadth of work.

By Lexi Williams
Hello, It's Me

Adele Is Turning Her Vegas Residency Into A Movie So Everyone Can See It

Couldn’t afford a trip to Vegas? No problem!

By Dylan Kickham

The First Pics Of Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn Are Criminally Good

This look is no joke.

By Madeleine Janz
When You Wish Upon A Star

Disney’s 'Beauty And The Beast' Wedding Dress Has Belle-Inspired Details

Be our guest and take a closer look.

By Rachel Chapman

The 'Wicked' Movie Is Flying Into Theaters Sooner Than Expected

The release date has been changed... for good.

By Ani Bundel

I Tried Vegan Butterbeer At Universal Studios’ Wizarding World

The non-dairy version is now available in Orlando and Hollywood.

By Rachel Chapman

Melissa McCarthy's Ursula Ate Up The 'Little Mermaid' Trailer

Oh, she's taking it.

By Brandy Robidoux and Ani Bundel
2023 Oscars

The 8 Oscars Moments Everyone Will Talk About All Week

From Gaga to Rihanna.

By Dylan Kickham

Just A Reminder That Austin Butler Was In So Many Classic Disney & Nick Shows

TBT when he dated Sharpay Evans.

By Dylan Kickham
Do You Like Scary Movies?

Demi Lovato’s Haunting “Still Alive” Video Will Make You Scream

It’s horrific in the best way.

By Adrianne Reece

This Life-Size Barbie Dreamhouse Is Coming To Los Angeles In April

Turning Barbiecore into a reality.

By Rachel Chapman

Austin Butler Explained Why Awards Shows Make Him Talk Like Elvis

"Being in large groups is not my most comfortable place."

By Dylan Kickham
Rich PPL Problems

It's Never Been Trendier To Hate Billionaires

Wealth and privilege make for a perfect villain.

By Dylan Kickham
I Am Groot?

What Is TikTok's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Disneyland Ride Trend?

It could get you kicked out of the park.

By Rachel Chapman

The Most Thrilling Revelations From 'J-Hope IN THE BOX'

First of all, the man hugs everyone.

By Crystal Bell
When You Wish Upon A Star

Disney's New Cinderella Wedding Dresses Are Giving Princess Vibes

No Fairy Godmother needed.

By Rachel Chapman