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20 Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Together For What Seems Like Forever

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5 Things To Keep In Mind If Your 2020 Goal Is To Get Over An Ex

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Goal setting is a powerful thing. When you focus your energy and efforts with a specific aim in mind, you're usually more likely to succeed — especially if you acknowledge and define your goal, and have support to encourage you every step of the…

The Best Times To Book Vacation Homes In 2020 Are Here & Budget-Friendly

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6 Mantras To Recite If You’re Single & Celebrating It On Valentine's Day

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Fam, there's an unfortunate misconception that Feb. 14 is for lovebirds only, and I'm here to clear it up. Single humans, too, deserve to celebrate Valentine's Day — and there's hardly a better way to do so than by practicing self-love. In fact, if…

6 2020 Denim Trends That Will Have You Reaching For Jeans Every Damn Day

By Bella Gerard
Even though I try not to wear jeans every single day, nine times out of ten, I do. I have so many pairs, yet I can't help but want to buy more — especially after seeing all the new 2020 denim trends. This year, toss your basic mom jeans aside and…

7 Underrated Qualities You’ll Find In Happy Relationships

By Rachel Shatto
When a couple's in a happy relationship, it can look so effortless and natural. At least to outside observers looking in. It's way more complicated than that, of course. But then all relationships are, no matter how seemingly happy. There's a lot of…