Rachel Chapman


Rachel Chapman is an Experiences writer for Elite Daily, where she writes about travel, sisterhood, and all things Instagram captions. You can check her out performing at UCB in Los Angeles, where she hosts a monthly show. Rachel graduated from New York University with a degree in Film & Television with a focus on writing. She has written personal stories for Slop Sandwich, promos for Spike TV, sketch shows at UCB, and a screenplay that was a finalist for the Burbank Film Festival. She also hosts the podcasts You've Got Hanks and Inside The Disney Vault. When she's not writing about Insta-worthy experiences, Rachel spends most her time with her cat, Lady Tom Hanks, or at Disneyland. Follow her on Instagram: @ladytomhanks http://www.thisisrachelchapman.com/

80 Group Chat Names For Your Vacay Crew, Because They're Your Main Beaches

Whenever you have a big trip planned, it’s pretty much all you can think about. In between searching for cool cafés to grab Insta-worthy treats, and beautiful landmarks that shouldn't be missed out on, you’re texting your travel crew with updates.…