About Last Night

Behold, The Recipe For The Perfect Morning-After Debrief

Sweatpants are required, caffeinated beverages highly recommended.

By Morgan Sullivan
Down Bad

Beware The Situationship That Derails Your Life Out Of Nowhere

So much for those plans to be unattached and unbothered.

By Rachel Chapman

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My Type On Paper

I Auditioned For 'Love Island USA' — Here’s The Tea On The Process

One avid viewer takes her chance to become a hot new bombshell.

By Kaitlyn Conroy
Vibe Like That

Travis Had A Connection To "Karma" Before Taylor Dedicated It To Him

Maybe karma was the guy on the Chiefs all along...

By Dylan Kickham

'Perfect Match' Season 2 Stars Spark Dating Rumors With Flirty Videos

Do we *finally* have a real perfect match!?

By Dylan Kickham

Everyone Wanted Tyler & Gabby To Date After Their Street Interview

Turns out, they were right.

By Hannah Kerns and Kaitlyn Conroy
Shooting My Shot

Putting TikTok’s “Peter Method” Flirting Tip To The Test

The strategy, coined by TikToker Marissa Mullen, helped motivate me to approach hot strangers… with mixed results.

By Mia Sherin

Julia Fox Comes Out As Lesbian In The Most Julia Fox Way

She’s always been for the girls and gays.

By Hannah Kerns

Lana Condor Had An “Enchanted” Meet-Cute With Her Fiancé

The self-proclaimed hopeless romantic listened to the Taylor Swift song on repeat after they met.

By Hannah Kerns
Brave New Girl

Britney Spears Swears Off Men For “As Long As I Live” In Breakup Post

After what she's been through, can you blame her?

By Dylan Kickham

'The Bachelorette’s Jenn Tran Has Your Summer Dating Forecast

It’s shot o’clock somewhere.

By Sarah Ellis
That's That Me, Manifestation

Barry Keoghan’s Been Tweeting Sabrina Carpenter Easter Eggs Since 2013

“He went to the Travis Kelce school of invisible strings.”

By Adrianne Reece