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Gen Z woman sending a dirty texts to her boyfriend in the morning

20 Dirty Texts To Send Your Partner In The Morning

Start their day the NSFW way. 😈🔥

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Writing a great sext is an art form. The best SMS come-ons can make you blush and boost intimacy between you and your partner at the same time. While we love a well-timed nude (but no unsolicited d*ck pics, please), there’s something about starting off your partner’s day with a spicy text laced with longing. Receiving a sext in the morning can take you from rolling out of bed and fumbling for the coffee machine to feeling a hot, unexpected pick-me-up — in more ways than one.

Apart from being a creative turn-on that gets your imagination going, dirty talk is a fun way to explore pleasure and experiment with your partner. Talking about your fantasies and turn-ons with your partner can get you both excited about your next hang-out and can even inspire steamy IRL experiences. What’s hotter than trying something new you’ve been sexting about for weeks?! The best part is that you can send a morning sext from the comfort of your own bed while you’re wearing your coziest, unsexiest pajamas. Lazy kings and queens, unite.

If you’re looking to kick off your partner’s morning with a steamy sext, you’re in the right place. From subtle and sultry requests to new-and-improved “what r u wearing” messages, here are 20 dirty texts ideas to send your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner to get them hot and bothered.

When You Want To Compliment Them

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I had the sexiest dream about you last night and woke up so horny.

Damn, you turn me on. I’m going to touch myself and fantasize about the last time we were together.

You are beyond hot... I want your body badly.

Your lips are so sexy. I can’t stop thinking of how much I want your mouth all over me.

You’re so good at pleasing me, baby... I’m addicted to everything about you.

When You Want To Tease Them

I’m naked in bed and want to play with my vibrator. My first choice would be you, though.

I’m about to start my morning meetings and I’m not wearing any underwear… (send a selfie to amp it up)

I just got out of my shower and I’m soaking wet. All I can imagine is you on top of me right now.

I got this new sex toy and it feels amazing. Want to see?

I’m so turned on and I want you next to me right now. Wish you were here.

When You’re Feeling Submissive

I want you to grab my hair and have sex with me from behind.

I got this new lingerie set. It’s hot... but it would be hotter on the floor of your bedroom (add a picture here for extra excitement)

I need you inside of me right now.

I want to taste you soon. When?

Can’t wait for you to cum over next time. I’ve been naughty and need to be punished.

When You’re Feeling Dominant

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Tell me how you’re touching yourself.

Be a good [boy/girl/another name here] and send me a picture of you bending over.

I know what you want and I’m going to give it to you in bed.

I’m going to tease you until you beg me to have sex with you.

Get on your knees the next time I see you.