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Cianna Garrison is a News Writer at Elite Daily, where she writes about trending and viral news, food news, and tech news. She loves being up-to-date on current topics and is especially fond of anything related to film and TV. Her work has appeared in Cliché and's blog, along with work for sites ghostwriting and freelancing in marketing, review-based content, and advertising copy. She graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with her bachelor's in English. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the guitar, songwriting, writing fiction, hanging out with her cat Jemima, running, doing yoga, acting and live theater, reading, and watching too much on Netflix and Hulu. Eventually, she wants to continue her education and receive a master's of fine arts in creative writing. You can find Cianna on Instagram @cianna_garrison or Twitter @Cianna_Garrison.

Instagram's Dark Mode Works On Android Phones, So You Can Scroll All Night

By Cianna Garrison
Since Apple's iOS 13 update released a Dark Mode for iPhone, apps are jumping on the bandwagon to make sure that they can support this hyped new feature. Dark Mode is meant to give the user a more comfortable viewing experience when your phone's…