The 65 Weirdest, Most Clever Things Under $30 With Over 4.5 Stars On Amazon
The 65 Weirdest, Most Clever Things Under $30 With Over 4.5 Stars On Amazon

Quirky, reviewer-guaranteed finds to improve your routine.

Written by Cianna Garrison
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There’s no shortage of strange things on Amazon that are more genius than they look at first glance. But before getting dazed by an overwhelming number of products, I tend to look for a 4.5-star average rating or higher from reviewers. Since these shoppers have already vetted products with their own time, energy, and hard-earned cash, it’s not a gamble to invest in one or two of these odd items myself. Below are a ton of those top-rated, unusual products (65 to be exact) that are not only under $30 but surprisingly helpful.

These Absorbent Skin Care Wristbands To Keep Your Arms Dry

Wear a pair of these wrist scrunchies on your wrists to keep water from traveling down your sleeves when you wash your face. Their soft microfiber fabric is comfortable to wear and quickly absorbs water. The scrunchies also make effective sweatbands for working out. One reviewer wrote, “I purchased a pack of these because, honestly, who doesn’t get water all over the counter when washing their face? They work well! I was surprised at how much water they collected without feeling overly soppy.”

These Holographic Acne-Clearing Patches Reviewers Say Actually Work

These fun and shiny acne patches are made with hydrocolloids, which can extract impurities from pimples. They also have anti-inflammatory tea tree oil and hydrating green algae extract designed to soothe and moisturize irritated areas. They come with holographic stars, hearts, clouds, and teardrops that look so aesthetic. One reviewer wrote, “I’ve used a lot of different hydrocolloid acne patches with varying results, but so far these are the only ones that seem to actually resolve the zit in a day or two [...] They stick quite well, even through tossing and turning at night, but come off without a problem when I’m ready.”

This Pearly Coffee Mug With A Flower-Shaped Saucer To Protect Tables

This ceramic coffee mug comes with a pillowy flower-shaped saucer that looks adorable while also protecting your table or desk. The mug’s pearly, opalescent white color is eye-catching and nests perfectly inside the saucer’s bubbly, sunflower-like design. This aesthetic set is also available in matte or metallic colors like pink or yellow.

This Vampire-Shaped Garlic Crusher That Keeps Garlic Off Your Hands

Hate garlicky hands? This adorable, BPA-free garlic crusher will keep the strong odor off your fingers. Just stick a clove (peel and all) into the base of the vampire. Then, attach the head and twist it to crush the garlic. You can also use “Gracula” to crush nuts, ginger, and herbs.

A Pair Of Budget-Friendly Hand Masks That Repair Dry Skin

This repairing hand mask comes as easy-to-wear disposable gloves that are designed to nourish your skin. They’re filled with a moisturizing formula of shea butter and soothing prebiotic oat formulated to be effective on even the most sensitive skin. All you have to do is slip these deeply moisturizing gloves onto dry hands and wait for about 10 minutes.

These Cozy Olive Oil Or Wine Bottle Lights With A Clever Cork

Don’t toss pretty wine or olive oil bottles — instead, use these wine bottle lights to create fun statement pieces. Clean a bottle, place a string of these lights inside, and fasten it with the plastic cork. Turn them on with the cork’s switch (batteries are included) and enjoy multicolored LED lights shining through the glass. There’s also a warm white LED option for more of a fairy-light look.

A Shower Footrest With Storage For Sugar Scrubs Or Shaving Cream

Place this anti-slip footrest in your shower, and it will be so much easier to exfoliate your legs or even shave (if that’s your preference). Its comfortable angle makes the perfect rest, so you can reach your leg without bending over too far. It also features a textured grip on the stool and a storage compartment for your shaving cream or go-to sugar scrub.

These Cleverly Flat Claw Clips That Are So Versatile For Styling

Clip one of these uniquely shaped claw clips in your hair for a chic, messy style or neat twist. A pack features three clips in neutral colors that will match anything. Push the end of a clip open and put it in your hair — its toothed design will stay securely in place, so your go-to look will hold.

  • Available colors: 4
These Mosquito-Repelling Incense Sticks That Offer Over 2 Hours Of Protection

Light one of these mosquito-repelling incense sticks, wait 10 to 20 seconds before blowing it out, and it will get to work keeping bugs away. Once lit, ingredients like rosemary oil, citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass will repel mosquitos within 12 feet, so you can enjoy the outdoors in peace for over two hours. One reviewer raved, “Works great at keeping pesky mosquitoes [and] other bugs away. Smell is soft and pleasant.”

This Stunning Glitter-Filled Sunscreen With SPF 30

When you apply some of this glitter sunscreen, you get SPF 30 protection — plus plant-based, biodegradable glitter that gives skin a sun-kissed rose-gold shimmer. Its formula includes hydrating aloe vera, orange peel, and tangerine leaf oil, with a subtle aroma of cake and sage.

This Slim Outlet Concealer That Tidies Up Messy Cords

Unplug your cords from a duplex outlet, then plug in this slim outlet concealer instead. The 3-foot cord adheres to your baseboard to seamlessly blend in, and you can plug your items into the three-outlet extension cord at the end. Conceal the whole shebang behind furniture, and voilà— no more messy cords. It also comes in an 8-foot length, and in black.

This Expandable Car Cup Holder That Securely Holds Bottles Up To 40 Ounces

This car cup holder expander offers a quick solution for bringing bulky thermoses and water bottles in the car with you. Simply expand the adjustable base to fit inside one of your car cup holder’s slots, and you’ll have a secure spot for bottles up to 40 ounces.

These Chic Solar Garden Lights That Sway Like Fireflies In The Wind

Add ambiance to your garden or patio with these heat- and moisture-resistant solar garden lights. The flexible wires move in the wind, so each ball of light sways and hovers like a firefly. Just place them in a planter of your choice, and UV rays will do the charging, so you don’t have to.

An Exfoliating Towel That Lathers Up Soap Or Body Wash

This Japanese exfoliating towel has a large surface area, so you can even reach your middle back without straining. The towel features two types of threads designed to be safe for all skin types — one for lathering and one for exfoliating. AKA — it lathers up your body wash while gently exfoliating skin to remove dead and dry skin. One reviewer raved, “This shower towel is sublime! It has the perfect texture, and it creates a wonderful fluffy lather with my soaps! My skin feels super clean and exfoliated after I use it!”

This Reusable Pet Hair Remover That’s Earned Over 136,000 5-Star Ratings

One upfront investment of under $30 and this pet hair remover will save you money on disposable tape rollers in the long run. Its reusable fabric grabs fur when rolled back and forth over furniture. The hair then gathers inside the compartment, which you can easily empty with a push of the release button. One reviewer raved about its effectiveness, writing, “This works so much better than sticky roller or other devices [...] Even a vacuum cleaner doesn’t work as well.”

A Portable Coffee Straw That Makes On-The-Go Brews So Easy

To get French-press-style coffee on the go, pour hot water into a mug with coffee grounds, then use this dishwasher-safe, stainless steel coffee brewing straw to drink it. When you sip loose-leaf tea or coffee with this straw, the removable metal filter on the bottom prevents any grounds or leaves from getting into your mouth.

A Pumice Stone Toilet Scrubber With Over 17,800 5-Star Reviews

This clever cleaning tool is made of durable pumice, so it won’t leave marks behind as it gently scrubs toilets or bathtubs. Just use it with water to remove limescale and buildup, then store it in the case to dry. This pumice stone scrubber has also earned over 17,800 five-star ratings, and one reviewer who used it on toilet rings even wrote, “Not to be dramatic, but this is a game changer. I’m so happy with it!”

A Compact Hanging Legging Bag With 24 Pockets

Instead of taking up a couple of shelves with your leggings, hang this space-saving legging storage bag in your closet. Each side has 12 durable PVC pockets for storing rolled-up leggings or T-shirts. You can hang it in your closet or over the door using its strap or its two included hanging hooks.

This Set Of “Spilled” Wine Bottle Holders That Prevent Oxidized Wine

When you use these cheeky wine bottle holders, you’ll give two bottles the illusion of defying gravity. These stands look like a splash of red or white wine pouring out of a bottle. According to the brand, the unique storage angle also keeps corks from drying out or wine from oxidizing.

This Cute & Dimmable Duck Night-Light That’s Made Of Soft Silicone

This dimmable duck LED night-light is made of soft, flexible silicone, so it won’t break from accidental drops or knocks onto the floor. A gentle pat will turn it on, off, or switch to one of three brightness modes. Its legs can also prop up your phone, and it’s earned a 4.8-star average rating after over 2,000 ratings.

This Trending Snail Headband That Keeps Products Out Of Your Hair

Keep your hair off your face with this stretchy snail-face headband that’s all over the internet right now. Its soft microfiber material absorbs water and keeps your hair dry, whether you’re applying a face mask, washing your face, or doing your makeup. Its elastic construction is also quite comfortable, according to reviewers.

  • Available colors: 11
A Clever Glass Foot File That Gently Removes Rough Skin & Calluses

Use this affordable glass foot file to buff away dead skin or painful calluses on your heels and feet to reveal softer skin. The file’s large surface makes reaching all areas of your foot easy, and its glass is gentler than metal rasps that can potentially scrape too deep.

The Cute Plant Propagation Buddy That Literally Hugs Cuttings & Shoots

These cute plant propagation buddies are made of flexible yet sturdy plastic, so you can bend them slightly to angle them where you need them. They fit a variety of cups, glasses, and jars by sitting on the edge to offer support to cuttings and sprouts as they grow.

A Rechargeable Flameless Lighter That Stands Up Against Wind

Ditch your disposable lighter for this rechargeable electric lighter that charges via USB. A full battery gives you up to 600 uses. Go ahead and light candles indoors or outdoors — the electric current generated by the spark switch works in windy weather and is also splash-proof. Plus, a safety switch ensures you’ll never accidentally turn it on.

This Adorable Platypus Jar Spatula With An Impressive 4.7-Star Average Rating

This platypus-shaped jar spatula is not just adorable — it’s practical. No more trying to get the last bit of your favorite sauce or jam out of a jar with a spoon — this spatula reaches the crevices inside jars with its flexible silicone “beak.” It’s also got a 4.7-star average rating after more than 3,400 ratings.

A Collapsible Solar Lantern & Phone Charger Combo

This USB solar lantern collapses into a hockey puck shape, so you can take it anywhere. Its features, such as phone charging capabilities, a flashlight, and three lighting modes, have clearly impressed shoppers — its 4.5-star average rating comes after over 6,000 ratings. And talk about portable — it weighs just over 6 ounces.

A Collapsible Basket To Transfer Laundry From Each Machine

This pop-up hamper is designed to quickly transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer, and it also collapses into a small disc to save space. It has four built-in carrying handles to avoid dropping clothing items. You can also use it to transfer laundry to your folding station, then fold the hamper into itself to make it magically disappear.

An Easy-Pour Batter Dispenser For Mess-Free Pancakes & Muffins

Making pancakes or pouring batter into baking cups can get messy, but this kitchen batter dispenser will change the game. Hold it over a griddle or baking sheet, then squeeze the pulley handle to release some batter from the bottom. It also features helpful measurement marks that show how much batter is inside.

This Genius Grocery Carrier To Easily Carry *All* The Bags At Once

This grocery bag carrier is specifically designed to carry all the groceries at once (without a ton of effort). The top twists out to open, so you can slide on the handles of grocery bags and twist the handle shut. The genius design evenly distributes weight, while its comfortable gel padding makes carrying by hand or over your shoulder a breeze.

A Pre-Shave Bar With Nourishing, Razor Bump-Preventing Beads

If you prefer to shave, this clever little exfoliating bar is a must for helping out with painful bumps. It looks like a bar of soap, but it’s filled with nourishing jojoba and castor oil beads designed to exfoliate your skin. It’s also finished off with calming aloe vera and can even help with ingrown hairs.

A Clever Microwave Rice Cooker With Over 5,000 5-Star Ratings

Save time in the kitchen with this microwave rice cooker, which has garnered over 5,000 five-star ratings. It has every tool you need to make fluffy rice, including a booklet with cooking times, a 2.1-quart cooking pot, a removable colander, a measuring cup, and a rice paddle that doubles as a carrying handle.

These Genius Elastic Bands That Keep Trash Bags From Slipping

Slip one of these universal-fit trash can bands around a bin up to 75 inches, and your garbage bag will stay perfectly secure. These flexible elastic bands stretch to over 25 inches, while their durable metal joints ensure a strong hold (AKA — you can toss things in the trash without the bag falling in).

A Versatile Cheese Grater That Catches & Measures Grated Ingredients

This cheese grater can grate everything from cheese to carrots, thanks to its two stainless steel plates on either side — one coarse for cheese and a fine and medium combo grate. The grater’s container doubles as a measurement tool and storage container, so you can see how much you’ve grated while you’re prepping. “The rubber on the top and bottom of this unit makes it very easy to hold and keeps it steady while grating,” wrote one reviewer. “The plates are sharp and being enclosed to catch the food makes the task even easier.”

These Cherry-Shaped Measuring Spoons With An Egg Separator

This cute plastic cherry-shaped measuring spoon set will add some fun to your kitchen (while still being practical for dinner prep). These dishwasher-safe cherries include a half teaspoon, a teaspoon, a half tablespoon, and a tablespoon — as well as a leaf-shaped egg separator to strain whites from yolks.

These Genius Dip Clips For Mess-Free Road Trips

These dip clips are specifically designed to keep your fave sauce secure and prevent spills for road trip snacks. They’re easy to pop right on your car’s vent, and they’re designed to fit a bunch of different sauce packet shapes, so your go-to dip will surely fit.

This Clever Hanger To Easily See Your Fave Bra Or Camis

This handy bra hanger makes it easy to store your bras or camisoles and keep them organized by color. It has 20 rustproof hooks on a single hanger, so you can maximize your storage while easily finding your fave bra or tank. Each hook can hold more than one item at a time, and the durable wood frame won’t warp from weight.

The Heat-Resistant Silicone Crab Utensil Rest That Holds Your Spoon

No more getting crabby when stirring gets messy because this heat-resistant silicone utensil rest will rescue you from spoon drips. It also doubles as a steam releaser. Wedge the crab onto the edge of a pot, then place a spoon between its claws. Or use the crab to prop up a lid with its backside.

A Cleverly Shaped Stainless Steel Salad Chopper To Speed Up Prep

After over 8,000 reviews, this quick-to-use salad chopper has earned a 4.6-star average rating for value. Use the two wide, 6-inch blades to chop veggies, salad, nuts, herbs, and more without a ton of effort. Its ergonomic handle protects your fingers, while blade covers add extra protection for storage.

This Snap-On Pot Strainer That’s Also A Breeze To Clean

Full-size strainers take up a lot of space, but this snap-on pot strainer is compact enough to fit in a drawer. Its flexible, nonstick silicone material is easy to adjust to fit most sizes of pots, pans, and bowls. Just clamp it onto the edges, strain pasta or veggies, and put it in the dishwasher when you’re done.

This Aesthetic TV Light Strip That Can Lessen Eye Strain

This bias lighting strip for your TV is designed to lessen eye strain by making the contrast of a bright TV in a dark room less extreme. You simply stick it on with the adhesive backing, and once this aesthetic light is up — you can choose between 15 colors and 10 brightness modes to set the perfect ambiance.

These Highly Rated, Unbreakable Glasses That Are Chic & Colorful

These dishwasher-safe plastic drinking glasses have a 4.8-star average rating after over 6,400 ratings, and they’re sure to make indoor or outdoor gatherings colorful. Strong acrylic plastic makes these glasses unbreakable, while fun colors like yellow, blue, and pink make them a vibrant addition to everyday dinners or dinner parties.

An Egg White Cleansing Foam Formulated To Remove Excess Sebum

This egg white cleanser has ingredients that have definitely earned its reputation of 4.6 stars after more than 1,500 ratings. Albumin-rich egg white promises to help minimize the look of pores and reduce excess sebum. Meanwhile, other ingredients like tomato, carrot, green tea, and licorice are formulated to cleanse, moisturize, and infuse your skin with antioxidants.

These Washable Dishcloths That Are Odorless & Fasy-Drying

These reusable Swedish dishcloths are made from 100% biodegradable cellulose and cotton but have shockingly long-lasting strength at the same time. One dishcloth lasts for 50 washes in the dishwasher or washing machine, replacing up to 25 rolls of paper towels. Plus, their adorable multi-surface design dries quickly to prevent odors.

A Wearable LED Neck Reading Light That Upgrades Bedtime Reading

This clever LED reading light fits around the neck with an ergonomic curve and a soft pad, while its bendable arms are easy to adjust where you need them. The best part is the light’s three color temperatures (including a cozy, warm white option) and six brightness settings. “Now I can read my books anywhere I want and any time I want,” wrote one reviewer. “It is lightweight and fits comfortably around the neck. It is so comfortable you forget it is even there.”

This Adorable Nessie Tea Infuser That Prevents Spilled Tea Leaves

Over 8,000 ratings later, and this Loch Ness Monster tea infuser has earned a 4.6-star average rating, which speaks to its effectiveness (and, *ahem*, adoreableness). Open the base of the food-grade silicone monster, insert loose-leaf tea, and close the infuser. Plus, this monster’s long neck makes it easy to remove your tea leaves after steeping.

A Clever Little Battery Organizer That Fits In A Drawer

Stash this compact, waterproof battery organizer in a drawer or mount it on a wall with the included hardware, and you’ll never have to guess where your batteries are again. Its spacious interior holds 93 batteries, and you can give your batteries a routine power check with the included tester.

A Cozy & Reversible Dog Blanket To Waterproof Your Sofa

To protect your furniture without banning Fido from the couch — try this extra-large waterproof dog blanket with a 4.6-star average rating after over 5,000 ratings. It has tightly stitched edges to prevent ripping. It also has a waterproof inner lining that protects against moisture, no matter which side (sherpa or velvet flannel) your pup uses.

This Hair-Catching Drain Protector That Makes It So Easy To Prevent Clogs

Hailed by reviewers as a “game changer,” this TubShroom drain protector fits in standard bathtub drains to catch hair. Installation is easy — just slip it into the drain and bathe as usual. Its mushroom design gathers loose hairs and wraps them around the center without choking the water flow. When it gets full, remove the hair with a tissue.

This Stylish Umbrella That Stands Up By Itself For Storage

You won’t need an umbrella stand for this clever, reversible umbrella. Its innovative design means it’s completely self-standing when inverted. This inversion capability also means that its strong fiberglass frame won’t break if a gust of wind blows the umbrella inside out. It also has an ergonomic C-shaped handle.

  • Available colors: 5
The French Fry Holder That Comes With A Reusable Sauce Ramekin

For well under $20, this French fry holder will be your constant fast food companion. It fits securely in your car’s cup holder and has one large compartment that holds large French fry containers (such as a Mickey D’s large fry). Attached to the holder is a dishwasher-safe, removable ramekin for ketchup or ranch.

A Durable Elastic Lip Balm Holder That Attaches To Your Keychain

This elastic lip balm holder not only comes in over 20 cute colors and patterns, but it’ll make it impossible to forget your balm since you won’t have to remember. Simply slip any tube into the stretchable holder and attach it to your keychain or purse with the built-in key ring.

These Vibrant, Shatterproof Bowls That Work For Dinner Or Decor

These colorful little bowls will look fun on your table or styled around the house, and they’re completely shatterproof. AKA — you can confidently fill these dishwasher-safe bowls with your favorite recipes or your keys in the entryway (without any broken glass worries).

A Bat-Shaped Corkscrew & Bottle Opener To Bring Spooky Fun To Your Kitchen

While this corkscrew and bottle opener is full of spooky spirit — it’s shaped like a bat, after all — it’s as practical as it is unique. Use the bat’s head to pop off bottle tops. Meanwhile, its “feet” corkscrew into a cork and a quick push of the bat wings lift it out of the bottle’s neck.

These Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets That Have Nearly 80,000 5-Star Ratings

Keep your washing machine sparkling clean with this one-year supply of washing machine cleaning tablets. They’ve earned more than 80,000 five-star ratings for their buildup- and odor-busting performance. Just put a tablet into your machine’s empty drum, run a normal cycle with hot water, and wipe the drum out for a deep clean.

This Swan-Shaped Wine Decanter Designed To Aerate Your Wine

This red wine decanter has an elegant shape that serves a purpose. When you pour wine in, it’s designed to allow maximum aeration (AKA the introduction of oxygen) to enhance the wine’s flavor and aroma. The decanter, which is hand-blown from lead-free crystal, can hold up to 750 milliliters (literally, an entire bottle of wine).

These Self-Gripping Cable Ties That Tidy Up Every Charger & Cord

Tidying up a drawer full of loose cables is a cinch with these self-gripping cable ties. They’re made of reusable nylon with a hook-and-loop closure, so you can loop the end through. Once it’s attached, wind the cable up and wrap the tie to secure it.

This Plastic Snail Soap Dispenser That’s So Strange

This snail soap dispenser brings cute cottage core vibes for a low price. Whether you put it in your bathroom or kitchen, you can easily dispense soap through the snail’s head by pushing down on its shell. This whimsical dispenser also fits 4 ounces of liquid hand soap. One happy shopper wrote, “I’m so obsessed with this little dude… he’s so fun and so cute and actually holds a lot more soap than I expected! It’s so funny just getting snotted on by a little snail every time you wash your hands.”

A Rechargeable LED Dog Collar To Keep Your Pup Visible Within 1,000 Feet

A 4.6-star average rating after 18,500 ratings is a solid case for this rechargeable LED dog collar’s efficacy. It’s designed to be visible within 1,000 feet, and it has individual bulbs (rather than a lighting strip) for maximum brightness. One charge also lasts for up to 8 hours of walks, so you can stress less about your pup’s safety.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large
  • Available colors: 11
These Game-Changing Tablets That Clean Hard-To-Clean Bottles & Thermoses

These effervescent water bottle cleaning tablets are a genius hack for cleaning hard-to-scrub bottles and thermoses. Ingredients like citrus fruit and wood pulp are formulated to sanitize alongside hydrogen peroxide, salt, and baking soda. All it takes is one of these tablets and some warm water in your water bottle, and let it work for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing it clean.

A Trending Mushroom-Shaped Funnel That Fits Multiple Container Sizes

This quirky little mushroom tool flips inside out to become a flexible silicone funnel that fits nearly any container. Its slim base fits inside narrow bottlenecks, like wine or oil bottles, while its wide top sits securely over larger openings. It’s also easy to clean by hand or throw this adorable mushroom in the top rack of a dishwasher.

A Motion Sensor Toilet Night-Light That’s Not Too Bright At Night

This motion-sensor toilet light is way better than taking up a bathroom outlet with a night-light or turning on the bright light. Simply put in batteries, bend its flexible arm on the edge of the bowl to install it, and select your brightness setting and color. Once installed, it’ll detect motion within 18 feet and turn off whenever you leave the room, so no more stumbling blindly into or out of the bathroom at night.

The Popular Plug-In Wall Outlet Extender That Maximizes Your Space

Instead of a clunky extension cord, opt for this wall outlet extender that maximizes your space by adding three more AC outlets, three USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. Plus, you get a built-in night-light and a roomy shelf on top. It plugs into standard duplex outlets and is a breeze to secure with the middle screw.

This Adorable Bacon Grease Strainer That Holds Up To 1 Cup Of Grease

This pig-shaped bacon grease strainer will help you safely strain hot grease from the pan since its food-safe silicone material doesn’t conduct heat. Remove the adorable lid and pour grease into the removable strainer to filter out bacon bits. This cute little piggy stores up to 1 cup of grease.

An Adjustable Measuring Cup That Expands Up To 2 Cups

This adjustable measuring cup expands to meet your needs. Measure as little as 1 ounce or as much as 2 cups of dry or wet ingredients — it has measurement marks for everything in between. Just twist the bottom knob to line the plunger up with the measurement mark, pour your ingredient inside, and twist the knob downward to release the ingredient.

An Insulated Cup Sleeve For Iced Coffee That’ll Keep Your Hands Warm & Dry

The worst part about sipping on an iced coffee is the condensation that gets your hand wet — not to mention cold. This insulated neoprene cup sleeve will not only prevent wet, cold hands, but it’ll also keep your iced beverage cold for longer. Its four sizes fit popular coffee chain cups, including extra-large sizes.