You Can Actually Get Free Whoppers From Burger King By Doing This One Thing

When you think about Black Friday, you probably think about discounted products and sales galore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you probably don't think about free food. Well, Burger King is changing the game this season with a website that'll help its customers score complimentary Whoppers with the click of a button. The website is called the "Whopper Shopper," and it was made to provide burger-loving customers with free patties in honor of the upcoming shopping holiday. If you're wondering how to use Burger King's Whopper Shopper, rest assured that it's super easy to do. Before you know it, Whopper vouchers will be arriving at your doorstep.

Before I tell you exactly how to use Burger King's Whopper Shopper platform, I'll tell you a little bit more about its premise. Why? Because it's not your typical website where you can sign on and download a Whopper coupon. Instead, the website uses banners from major brands to help customers land their free burgers. (Yes, I'm talking about those brand ads that you see all over your favorite web pages.) As you may or may not know, those ads help individual brands make money — because every time someone clicks on them and buys something, the websites gets a percentage.

Got it? Good.

OK, now that you know how those ads work, I can move on. Burger King's Whopper Shopper website includes a list of brand banners that hungry customers can click on in order to acquire their free burgers. However, the customers must actually buy something from those brands' websites in order to score their Whopper vouchers. Once a costumer chooses a brand, creates an account, and purchases something from its online store, that particular company will give its brand money back to Burger King. That, my friends, is where the free Whopper comes in.

After the company pays Burger King, the fast food restaurant will give it back to its customers in the form of Whopper vouchers. According to Burger King's YouTube video that explains the promotion in further detail, the vouchers will be mailed to customers shorty after the promotion ends. Per Burger King, the vouchers will arrive in the form of $5 Burger King gift cards, and each person can only score a maximum of three vouchers. When you think about it, that's still a lot of free Whoppers.

For further details on Burger King's Whopper Shopper, check on the company's video below.

Now that you know how to navigate your way around the Whopper Shopper website, you might be ready to make a purchase and score your free Whopper voucher. Thankfully, the website went live on Nov. 15, and it'll stay active in the United States until Nov. 26 while supplies last.

Not only does the Whopper Shopper site give you access to free burgers, but it also provides you with links to all of your go-to Black Friday brands, like Best Buy, Walmart, Macy's, and more. So go ahead and get your shopping done with the help of Burger King, and treat yourself to a free post-holiday Whopper.