Emma Chamberlain lays amongst the Chamberlain Coffee products on a colorful rug.

Chamberlain Coffee's Black Friday Sales Mark Down Your Fave Blends By 20%

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Fans of coffee lover and social media star Emma Chamberlain likely have one question on their minds right now: Will Chamberlain Coffee have a Black Friday sale? The brand totally reinvented itself in September to feature playful colors and animals, along with new blends and cool accessories. Don't fret, listeners of Anything Goes, watchers of Styled by Emma, and passionate drinkers of Careless Cat. Chamberlain Coffee's Black Friday 2020 sale — which kicks off on Nov. 20, 2020 — marks down your favorite blends and a few essentials you've had your eye on, too.

Stocking up your coffee stash has never been more affordable or fun. However, you'll need to let some necessary info steep in your brain beforehand so you don't miss out on the best deals. Unlike a typical Black Friday sale, Chamberlain Coffee is putting certain products on a promotion on certain days. These mini deals lead up to a spectacular deal happening on Black Friday weekend, which runs from Nov. 27 to 29 this year.

In order to shop, head to the Chamberlain Coffee website, as these products are only available for purchase online. The mini deals begin on Nov. 20 with subscription purchases receiving a Chamberlain Coffee mason jar and reusable straw for free. Subscription purchases are available on coffee bundles, regular bags, and steeped bags. You can choose to receive your yummy caffeine every 14, 21, or 30 days, and in the form of fresh grounds or whole beans.

Nov. 21 starts the parade of each blend going on promo for a short but sweet time. From Nov. 21 to 22, you and your BFFs can enjoy 20% off the Original Family Blend, as well as a Chamberlain Coffee tumbler which features the four adorable animals that are paired up with each blend. On Nov. 22 to 23, Social Dog and the reusable straws will be marked down the same amount, and give you the chance to taste the blend that's like a graham cracker and brown sugar combined. Careless Cat and the branded totes take their turn on Nov. 23 to 24, for 20% off, and Early Bird and the white Chamberlain Coffee mug follow suit on Nov. 24 to 25, for the same 20% off.

Right before Black Friday weekend begins, the beloved mason jar that's always selling out and the Night Owl blend go on their 20% off promotion. This ushers in the big deals that'll get you the most bang for your buck over Black Friday weekend.

These deals include 20% off everything from Nov. 27 to 29, and a buy two items get the third free deal, which will run from Nov. 29 to 30. Use these major sales as an opportunity to stock up on your favorites or accessories you've been manifesting. However, you can also use them to gift coffee to a long-distance BFF, who's maybe just starting to marathon-watch Emma Chamberlain's YouTube channel and trying her usual cold brew with almond milk at home.

After all, Dec. 1 is considered "Giving Tuesday," which is typically a time to give back to your community and favorite causes through donations or charitable presents. On this day, you can plan to make coffee with a friend via FaceTime or Zoom and paint mugs to send to each other later. Will yours have a little Careless Cat on it? We sure hope so.

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