Marisa Casciano


Marisa Casciano is a lifestyle writer at Elite Daily, with a focus on travel, social media, and millennial culture. She covers everything from the easy and affordable trips you should take in Europe , to how to beat your jet lag, and live your dreams in your 20s. Her favorite things to talk about are the latest trends on Instagram, the "real world," and the destinations she's recently been. She is a passionate and driven digital content creator, freelance writer, and photographer based in central Connecticut. Currently, her work can be found in independent magazines and on her blog. Previously, she worked for an art gallery, where she was an editor, designer, and intern of new business development. Marisa interviewed international artists, taught herself how to use the essential Adobe programs, and how to shoot and edit with DSLR and film cameras. She also worked for, managed a retail store, and launched a personal brand. In 2017, she received a bachelor's degree in journalism and art from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. When she's not glued to her laptop screen, she's probably doing something outdoorsy like hiking, drinking coffee, or watching reruns of New Girl. She loves jet-setting, whipping up healthy meals in her kitchen, aimlessly scrolling, and (to be very honest) taking naps. She's an official member of the Trader Joe's snack fan club, and is a regular at a local diner. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@marisataylorc) and keep up with her content at

These 'Mean Girls' Tweets & Memes Are Relatable & Totally Fetch

By Marisa Casciano
Back in high school when I used to have sleepovers with my best friends, we always watched Mean Girls. We'd turn on the TV channel that always seemed to stream the iconic movie on repeat around midnight, and quote our favorite lines like, "That's so…