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35 Watermelon Captions For Instagram And Sticking Close To Summer

I think I’m losing my rind.

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Watermelon might just be the fruit of the summer, thanks to its ability to cool you down after a day of sitting on the beach, hanging in the park, or hiking on the local trails. That, and the melon’s ability to inspire Harry Styles to write a whole song about it. Whether you pair the seasonal fruit with cheese and crackers on a charcuterie board or sprinkle it on top of a salad with feta, the red, white, and green fruit is a warm-weather staple — and a colorful accompaniment to any summer ‘Gram posts. If you’re searching for the right words to describe your “watermelon sugar high,” these watermelon captions for Instagram will help the fruit shine on your social media and help you serve up major picnic season vibes all year long.

Watermelon is typically in season during the summer months, but you can still enjoy the fruit all year round by snacking on flavored candy, hanging out on a watermelon-inspired pool float on vacation, or decorating your space with fruity decor. Instead of posing with a slice in front of your face — as you would during the months of June, July, or August — you can also more subtly show off your love for watermelon by sharing a video of you painting a watermelon, a picture of you unwrapping a Jolly Rancher, or a photo dump of you calling “dibs” on a watermelon-shaped pool float.

If you’re losing your rind trying to brainstorm the perfect homage to the melon, these watermelon captions for Instagram promise to make your feed a summer vibe with tons of quotes, puns, and song lyric ideas. Just don’t forget to add the watermelon emoji before posting.

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  1. “You’re one in a watermelon.”
  2. “A watermelon slice of heaven.”
  3. “Even my slice of watermelon is smiling.”
  4. “Watermelon is the best flavor of anything. You can’t change my mind.”
  5. “A little watermelon goes a long way.”
  6. “Find me where the watermelon is.”
  7. “Watermelon you up to today?”
  8. “I think I’m losing my rind.”
  9. “Everything is rind over here.”
  10. “Watermelon sugar high.” — Harry Styles, “Watermelon Sugar”
  11. “Pass the watermelon, please!”
  12. “Where there’s watermelon, there’s summer vibes.”
  13. “Oh, to be eating watermelon on a summer day.”
  14. “The category is fruit.”
  15. “If you’re not putting watermelon on your charcuterie board, you’re doing it wrong.”
  16. “Tell me you love watermelon, without telling me you love watermelon.”
  17. “The tastiest watermelon in the entire patch.”
  18. “How to cut a watermelon, featuring me.”
  19. “Today’s agenda: buy a watermelon, eat a watermelon.”
  20. “Do you like your watermelon in slices or cubes? Tell me in the comments.”
  21. “The real-life version of the watermelon emoji.”
  22. “Just looking at this watermelon makes me feel refreshed.”
  23. “A slice for you, and a slice for me.”
  24. “No salad is complete without a little watermelon.”
  25. “Beach snack check!”
  26. “Things that make me happy: watermelon, watermelon-flavored candy, the watermelon emoji.”
  27. “My aesthetic is watermelon.”
  28. “TFW you cut open a fresh watermelon.”
  29. “Having a melon ball.”
  30. “Orange you glad I brought a watermelon?”
  31. “It’s watermelon o’clock.”
  32. “Summer has entered the chat.”
  33. “Will there be watermelon, though?”
  34. “We love watermelon, if you couldn’t already tell.”
  35. “What’s your favorite fruit, and why is it watermelon?”

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