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Try These Autumn-Themed Charcuterie Board Ideas That Everyone Will Fall For

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Calling all foodies: You're about to fall in love with this season. For your next backyard picnic or wine hangout with your housemates, set out an Insta-worthy snack with these fall-themed charcuterie board ideas. The best boards around are the ones that are almost too pretty to eat, so you need to snap a few pictures first. With the right goodies, you can put together a board that falls into that category and is festive enough to enjoy all season long.

Of course, you'll need to work some fall flavors like pumpkin spice and farm fresh apples into your creation. You'll also want to make your board pop with autumnal colors. The first step in setting up your charcuterie board is to pick out the right cheeses. Make sure you have a variety to choose from in bright fall hues. Along with the traditional ingredients, you might want to sprinkle in festive fun, like fall corn or mini pretzels for Oktoberfest.

A fall-themed board is perfect for an appetizer before Thanksgiving dinner or a glamping date night outdoors. With a rustic base, snacks you love, and these eight ideas, you're sure to have a board that's gouda to eat in no time.

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Start Off With A Rustic Wooden Board

Fall calls for a rustic chic aesthetic, so treat yourself to a wooden serving board ($40, that's not completely rounded. You'll also want to get some mini fall-colored bowls ($36 for a set of 6, for serving spreads, nuts, and olives.

Food That'll Add Vibrant Pops Of Color To Your Spread

When you think of autumn, you likely picture fall foliage and crunchy leaves on the ground. Be sure to include those vibrant pops of color in your board, such as veggies in orange, red, and yellow hues.

You'll also want to keep this color palette in mind when choosing your cheeses. Include at least one cheese in each of the aged, blue, firm, and soft categories, like a cheddar or gouda with the red wax still on ($8, These grain-free pizza crackers are orange in hue and will coordinate nicely ($16 for a 2-Pack,

Add Some Soft Pretzels For Oktoberfest

Give a little nod to Oktoberfest with some mini soft pretzels ($4, If you'd rather use pretzel crisps instead of crackers, pick up a variety box ($17 for 24 bags, That way, you can have different flavors for different cheeses and spreads.

Get Some Mini Gourds For Decor

Make your board extra gourdgeous with some mini pumpkins and squash. Either go to a local farm to pick up some produce or get plastic ones you can use every year ($5, Set them around the board to fill in any empty spaces so it looks extra full and picture-ready.

Include Pumpkin Spice Flavors

It wouldn't be fall without some pumpkin spice. Include that pumpkin flavor with something like a pumpkin hummus ($6, or pumpkin spice almonds ($25, You can even mix up some homemade pumpkin fluff and serve it in one of your carved-out mini pumpkins.

Pick Out An Apple Butter Jam

One of the tastiest charcuterie board combos is putting a fruity spread on top of a delicious cheese. Since this is apple-picking season, you'll might want to include an apple butter spread on your board. Cracker Barrel's apple butter ($6, may remind you of road trips to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving.

Sprinkle Some Fall Leaves Around

Garnish your board with festive fall leaves ($2, You can also add some edible fall flowers like nasturtiums and dandelions. They don't even have to be perfectly placed. Sprinkle them naturally, so the scene looks like colorful fallen leaves.

Add Some Halloween Candy For A Sweet Treat

Even though Halloween's over, you can still add some discounted Halloween candy to your charcuterie board to give it something sweet. Candy corn ($2, in a mini bowl will match your fall color scheme just perfectly. You also can't go wrong with some dark chocolate almonds ($29 for a 24-Pack,

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