A happy couple enjoys a glass of wine on a bicycle picnic out in the park at sunset.
These Bike Picnic Ideas For 2 Will Keep Your Fall Instas Wheely Cute

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There's nothing more romantic than a bicycle date for two. A fairytale ending to your perfect adventure should be a gorgeous picnic in the park. Just imagine enjoying an Insta-worthy charcuterie board and glass of wine as the sun sets. It sounds like a dream come true, and it's totally possible with these bike picnic ideas for two.

If you're looking to truly surprise your partner with a date they'll never forget, you'll want to pack all the picnic essentials. As you pull out things like a cozy blanket, fancy cheeses, and a bottle of your fave rosé, your date will be totally impressed that you've thought of everything. It's all thanks to this list of 10 picnic date ideas.

Consider this like your checklist for the ultimate fall date outdoors. Of course, you'll need some cute bikes to get you to your destination, but you'll also want to bring along a small bouquet of flowers to set the romantic mood. Cute straw hats could even complete your picnic lewk, while keeping you shaded. Bring along an instant camera, or mini canvases and paint to capture the moment. As long as you have each other, you're sure to have a wheely good time.

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A Dependable Bike To Get You To Your Picnic Spot

The most important thing you'll need for your bicycle date is a bike. If you don't have one already, treat yourself to a dependable set of wheels that's both cute and durable, such as an electric bike from Charge Bikes ($1499, If you go this route, choose the right one for you and your location. This company offers bikes for city, comfort, and outdoor adventures.

Once you've chosen a bike, the fun comes in accessorizing. Add an adorable woven basket ($65, to the front so you can carry what you need.

A Checkered Blanket That's Cozy And Cute

Every picnic needs a blanket, but don't just bring any blanket. Bring a checkered one that fits your classic picnic aesthetic. Get an REI outdoor blanket ($50, with a water-resistant polyester side on the bottom, so you'll avoid that whole wet blanket situation that can sometimes totally cramp the vibe. It's 70 inches wide, so you and your partner can both get cozy on it, and still have plenty of room left for food.

A Bottle Of Your Fave Wine For Sippin'

Don't forget to bring along a bottle of wine for toasting (if you're 21 or up). If you know what your partner's fave wine is, pack that or surprise them with an Insta-worthy bottle that will remind them of the sunset ($14, You could even bring a mixed pack of mini bottles for variety ($96 for 12 glasses,

Plastic Wine Glasses To Make Traveling Easier

If you've got wine, you'll need some glasses for pouring and sipping. Bring along some plastic stemless wine glasses that'll be easy to pack and carry ($15 for a set of 12, You could also get matching travel wine tumblers ($25, that'll look so adorable in your toasting pics.

Straw Hats That'll Look Chic AF In Pics

Top off your picnic #OOTD with a cute straw hat ($30, You'll be ready for your adorable picnic selfies, while also keeping the sun out of your eyes. Don't forget to bring along some sunscreen ($24, and a pair of cool sunnies ($79,, too.

A Fresh Bouquet Of Flowers For Your Picnic Centerpiece

Decorate your picnic blanket to make it picture-perfect. Bring along a small bouquet of flowers ($58, to use as a centerpiece on your spread. Sprinkle some faux tea light candles ($34, to your setup as well, especially if you're having an evening picnic.

Your Fave Cheeses And Crackers For A Really Gouda Board

Pack up an assortment of cheeses and crackers for a charcuterie board. Harry & David and Alice's Table collaborated to put together virtual charcuterie board workshops that cover everything you need to make an Insta-worthy picnic setup. Once you know how to arrange everything with the right ingredients in your picnic basket, you can put together something almost too pretty to eat.

A Camera To Snap The Sweetest Pics

Bring along your Instax camera ($60, to capture the sweetest snaps of your bike date. In addition to having these special, tangible pictures to pin up in your home, you can also download a vintage camera phone app like DAZE CAM or 1998 Cam to give your phone pics a throwback vibe.

Art Supplies For A Little DIY Moment

After you enjoy lunch, you and your partner can get creative with some mini canvases ($23 for a 14-Pack, Paint a nature scene you see, or something abstract. You could even bring along coloring books ($11, and a pack of colored pencils ($20, to work on as you relax outside.

A Cute Backpack For Your Picnic Supplies

To make sure you're able to carry everything with you, bring along a backpack. For a more sporty look with lots of storage space, a Champion backpack ($36, might be the way to go. However, you can also trade in a traditional woven basket for a picnic backpack that has place settings, cutlery, and even a pocket for your wine bottle ($90,

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