These Indoor Fall Activities Are For Couples Who Need S'more Date Ideas

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Fall is officially cozy season. It's all about sweater weather, cuddling up extra close to your SO, and having a pumpkin spice latte in hand on the daily. Truly embrace the chill vibes this year and plan a few indoor fall activities for couples with the person who warms your heart the most. While going apple picking and getting lost in a hay bale maze are always fun fall things to do, this year, you're looking to pumpkin spice things up closer to home.

Take your usual date night plans and sprinkle some of that autumnal magic to the mix. Instead of wine and paint night, make it a wine and paint-a-pumpkin night for Halloween. Don't just watch the game on TV, either. Have a cook-off in the kitchen and tailgate from the comforts of your living room. You can even turn your typical Netflix nights and make them cozier than ever with a spooky theme and tasty treats.

Of course, you love the traditional fall activities, but it's time to make them feel brand new. So, if you're looking for something to do at home that's totally fresh, try any of these nine indoor fall activities. They're perfect for a couple who's looking for a gourd time.

Plan A Fall-Themed Movie Night
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With Halloween around the corner, there are so many spooky movies you can't wait to rewatch or check out for the first time. Plan a movie night at home with a fall theme that includes kettle corn and pumpkin spice s'mores dip. Round out your fall senses by lighting a few cozy fall-themed candles as well.

Have A Wine And Paint-A-Pumpkin Night

Switch out your canvas on wine and paint night for a pumpkin. While carving pumpkins is a fall staple, painting pumpkins will give you an incredibly Insta-worthy product. Try painting your favorite Harry Potter characters or Disney monsters while enjoying the best wines of the season.

Set Up Your Very Own Cider Tasting

Get comfy-cozy at home and set up your very own cider tasting. Select a few ciders from local breweries that you've been wanting to try, and make yourself a cider flight in your kitchen. Get yourselves rustic chic beer flight boards to make the experience even more authentic.

Bleach-Dye Some Cozy Sweats

Just because summer's over, that doesn't mean you have to press pause on the tie-dye trend. While bright neon colors scream beach vibes, the bleach-dye technique is perfect for fall. Make yourself a new favorite sweatshirt to cozy up in on crisp afternoons and some sweatpants to match.

Make Your Fave Fall-Themed Treats
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In the fall, you want to try every pumpkin-flavored treat possible, but give yourself a real challenge in the kitchen by recreating your fave Insta-worthy treats. Try making a candy apple like the ones you might see on Main Street at Disneyland, or brownies that look like the book from Hocus Pocus.

Plan A Pumpkin-Themed Scavenger Hunt Around The House

If you love getting lost in corn and hay bale mazes, but want an adventure that's living room-friendly, create a pumpkin scavenger hunt. Use mini pumpkins to write clues on, and have your partner journey around the house to find the big reveal. It can either be tasty fall baked goods or a blanket fort where you can get cozy and stream movies in.

Set Up A Living Room Picnic For Dinner

Picnics in the fall are extra sweet thanks to Mother Nature flexing her fall foliage. Even though you're staying indoors, you can still have a gourdgeous picnic at home in your living room. Put together a picture-perfect charcuterie board, set up a plush blanket, and decorate throughout with some fake leaves. It'll be like you're enjoying the great outdoors without having to change out of your PJs.

Transform Your Hallway Into A Haunted House

If you love all things spooky and scary, challenge yourself to set up a DIY haunted house. Decorate your hallway with fake spiderwebs and creepy skeletons galore. Take turns trying to scare each other and capture the frightfully funny moments for the 'Gram.

Have A "Tailgate" Cook-Off In The Kitchen

Football and tailgating are fall activities you can enjoy at home, too. Instead of barbecuing outside before the game, tap into your competitive spirit by having a cook-off with your partner in the kitchen. Try to make the best chili or seven layer bean dip. Then, enjoy your delicious dishes while watching the game in your jerseys.

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