A young lesbian couple walks down a dirt path while holding hands and tossing fall leaves.

10 Adorable IG Pics To Take With Your SO This Fall Right In Your Backyard

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Sweater weather is here, and your camera has never been more ready to capture sweet pics of you and your SO. It's sitting on your bed waiting for the moment when you and your pumpkin want to make use of these creative ideas for fall couples pictures in your backyard. Truth be told, you're so ready to snuggle up with your boo amongst the fall leaves and capture some fresh content for IG.

As soon as the forecast started noting chillier days, you started sending your SO pics of pumpkin patches, apple cider doughnuts, and your fall bucket list. This list has line items like "make butternut squash soup" and "dress the fireplace up with cobwebs and fake spiders." Of course, it also reads "take photos with *insert your SO's name here*," which is why you're on the Internet searching for adorable and clever ideas. You could go on your favorite influencers' feeds and get inspired by the photos they've taken kissing caramel apples and holding pumpkins in front of their faces.

These ideas channel that creativity and will help you check items like "snuggle with my boo" off your bucket list as well. Take a look through this list, and then grab your camera from your bed and your SO, and go to your backyard.

The "We Love Fall Most Of All" Picture
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The first of these photos is a total declaration of your love for fall. It requires you and your SO to put on your favorite fall outfits, and then grab the pumpkin from your front steps. Pose with it while your camera snaps pics on a nearby tripod. You can hold it up over your head while your SO lovingly gazes at you, or you can pretend to carry it together. If you want to pumpkin spice this picture up a bit more, have your love wear a turkey hat, hold a crunchy apple, or sport a set of vampire teeth.

The "Blushing Behind These Big Leaves" Picture

At any given moment, your boo makes you blush. They may compliment your new turtleneck sweater, or rave about how you're the sweetest person the planet. You might get a little shy and smile behind a pillow or your sleeve. This picture idea is a recreation of those moments, and you'll want to capture it by finding two big leaves in your backyard for you and your SO to blush behind. Make sure they're almost completely over your faces before snapping a pic to share on IG.

The "Tossing Autumn Your Way" Picture

Bring your followers into your fall photo shoot with your SO by taking the "Tossing Autumn Your Way" picture. This one is quite simple and only requires collecting some leaves ahead of time. From there, you and your SO will want to set your camera to a self-timer mode and then wait until the flash is about to go off. A second before it does, toss the colorful leaves at the camera, and smile as big as you can.

The "Made Our Own Pumpkin Patch" Picture

After you and your SO have gone on your weekly grocery run in the fall, you typically have some more orange friends — aka, tiny pumpkins — in your home. It's time that you show off your collection on Insta by spreading out all of your pumpkins in your backyard on a flannel-looking blanket. Sit amongst them for an IG pic and hold a few in your hands.

The "I've Totally Fallen For You" Picture
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Pardon the pun, but you've totally fall-en for your SO. They've swept you off your feet time and time again, which is why you should grab your camera and capture the loving looks you give each other for IG. For this pic, angle the camera up at your faces and the sky as if the camera "fell" to the ground and is now admiring your from below. That way, you can also get the changing trees in your backyard in the shot.

The "I Love You A Pumpkin Spice Latte" Picture

Do you know your boo's go-to order for every season? If you're nodding "yes," pick up that Pumpkin Spice Latte or spicy chai tea for a photo shoot in your backyard. Set up a picnic blanket with baguettes, cheese, and bowls of red grapes, and pretend to take a sip of your drinks at the same time that the camera is snapping the pic. The final result will be so delicious and filled with love.

The "Pretending It's Actually Halloween" Picture

It doesn't have to be Oct. 31 for you to take an IG photo in your Halloween costume. In fact, if you're hoping to have a couple's photo shoot for fall in your backyard, then dress up in your spooky looks and pretend it's *actually* Halloween. So, toss a sheet with two black eyes over your head and grab your witch's hat.

Then, pose against a line of stark trees in your backyard. Hold a cauldron filled with candy in your hand if you want your pic to look a little sweet rather than spooky. Have your followers try and guess what you two are in the comments.

The "You're So Candy Corny" Picture

Your SO makes some pretty candy corny jokes sometimes, but they always make you laugh. Honestly, that's probably why you two are meant to be. Snap a candid picture of you two in your backyard laying down in the grass. Have your BFF take a pic of you two from above, as you unwrap candy and giggle together.

The "All Snuggled Up With My Boo" Picture
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'Tis the season to get snuggled up with your boo. It's chilly AF, and a sweater just doesn't always do the trick, ya know? When you do snuggle up — whether that be in the trunk of your car which you decked out with blankets and lights, or on the steps to your backyard where you two are wrapped up in a blanket — make sure to capture it.

Pro tip: To make this photo look as genuine as possible, look away from the camera or go in for a cute kiss.

The "Oh My Gourd, We're Matching" Picture

Pull out the matching Halloween socks you have with your SO or the jeans and striped shirt combo from both of your closets for this pic. Stand in your backyard and hold hands while the camera snaps an #OOTD. If you want to really focus on your matching boots or shoes, take the photo from the waist-down. Toss an earthy edit on it before sharing it on IG.