A young woman poses in front of a white and yellow backdrop with her digital camera.
Here's How To Set Up An Insta Backdrop In Your Backyard For Stunning Pics

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The latest trends on Instagram have included taking your circle mirror from your room and posing with it outside, and throwing a white sheet over a fixture in your backyard to create a magazine-style backdrop for your next photo shoot. Making a backdrop of your own is a clever idea, but it does require some extra work unlike carrying a mirror to your driveway and then tapping the "capture" button. With all the best tips on how to set up an Instagram backdrop in your backyard, you likely won't have any trouble snapping stunning pics for social media.

You'll toss your set-up together with total ease to the point where your BFFs and followers will ask in your comments, "How did you do that?" In response, you might record an IGTV video, showing your loyal fans your process of tracking down the right sheet, picking out an outfit, and slicing up fresh fruit that'll act as props. If you so choose, you may send them a link to this article that's filled with the tricks that led you to so much Instagram success, too.

These tricks and nifty products aren't guaranteed to land you new followers. But, that's totally OK, because the final photos will be something you're so proud of. Here's what you need to set up a trendy backdrop in your backyard any season of the year, and take the pictures of your dreams.

This Solid-Colored Sheet

The most crucial item you need to create a backdrop in your backyard is a solid-colored sheet. Most Instagram users tend to use a white one, but any color that matches the scheme of your feed will do. Ideally, you want this sheet to be size full or queen — that way, you have plenty of room to drape it over a fixture and dance around in front of it. (Of course, if you have sheets at home you can use, don't go out and buy one.)

This Adjustable Backdrop Stand

Next to a solid-colored sheet, an adjustable stand is necessary to take your Instagram game to the next level. You may have seen some bloggers attach their sheet to trees in their backyard, but a stand like this one is sturdy, safer for the planet, and can be stored easily. It even comes with clips to hold your sheet so the wind doesn't carry it away.

This Design For A Hexagon Frame

Imagine this: You set up a backdrop in your backyard, but it's not the same 'ole rectangle shape. It's a beautifully designed hexagon or triangle — thanks to the building plans created by Sarah at FurtherStillArtistry on Etsy. It has depth and lets you get creative in more ways than one.

It can have a sheet draped over it or simply act as a frame with lush trees or ocean waves peeping through the center. Can you say #goals? Just note that you'll need the proper tools and supplies in order to put it together.

This Pack Of Clothespins

If the backdrop stand you end up purchasing doesn't come with any clothespins, or you decide to attach your sheet to wooden poles you have in your garage, you'll need a pack of these. The perk? The wood of these clothespins pairs nicely with any sheet and adds to the overall look of your pics. You may even find they set the tone of the photo shoot and edit well in your Lightroom app.

This Wooden Stool

Laying on the sheet or standing against it once it's set up in your backyard is an option. But, if you really want your photo shoot to remind you of a spread in Vogue, consider getting a wooden stool. Channel your favorite models by sitting on it and showing off the details of your summery outfit. Lean against the stool as well, when you're standing, to create movement and depth in your pics.

This Tripod

A tripod is an underrated, yet necessary, part of any photo shoot. Sure, you can always ask your roomie or SO to snap a pic of you when the photo op presents itself. But, a tripod gives you the ability to choose a frame yourself and activate self-timer mode. It also keeps your photos looking straight and level, which makes things easier in the editing process.

This Clothing Rack

Why not roll out a clothing rack in the middle of your photo shoot and use it to add color to your already-stunning pics? You could hang up your sundresses and bright blazers and pretend you're getting dressed while in the summer sun. That will creative a narrative within your shoot and give your followers a reason to tap the save button.

This Cutting Board

Like a clothing rack, a cutting board can be a trendy addition to your photo shoot. As you may have already seen on social media, it can be used to highlight freshly cut fruit and snacks you're enjoying. Lay it out on your sheet, along with some bottles of San Pellegrino and slices of lemon, to make the most of it. Be sure to take a few close-ups of the cutting board with these tasty elements so you have multiple photos to post.

This Produce Bag

A mesh-style produce bag is an amazing item to have on hand when you're doing some grocery shopping and having a photo shoot in your backyard. It's good for the planet because it can be reused and isn't made of plastic, and also adds texture in a summertime photo or selfie. Toss it over your shoulder or lay it down on the sheet for the best effect. Be sure to tag where you bought your mesh bag, too.

This Pillow

Colorful pillows will upgrade your photos (and living space) big time. This gorgeous pillow from Unwrp should be your first pillow purchase, because it's unique and will bring vacation vibes into every one of your photos. It will also mix up your set a little bit for a truly unique shot.