A Halloween themed candle sits in front of a pumpkin and skull.
10 Spooky-Scented Candles That'll Give Your Home Office A Dreamy Glow

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The spooky season is around the corner with sweater weather and pumpkins galore. All season long, you have plans to get cozy in oversized sweaters, stream your favorite horror films, and light up a variety of spooky-scented candles. Since the sun sets earlier in the fall, you'll need that cozy glow to light up your space, and it definitely helps when it's full of Halloween spirit.

When you think of Halloween scents, you likely picture pumpkins, apple cider doughnuts, and sweet candy corn. Fall foliage scents such as crisp leaves and fresh barrels of hay might also come to mind. Whatever aroma puts you in the Halloween #mood, you're sure to find it with these 10 spooky-scented candles. Most of these candles are themed around some of your favorite Halloween movies, such as Hocus Pocus and It, but they also include festive fall activities like pumpkin picking and reading ghost stories.

Add some Halloween candles to your WFH desk to give it a holiday upgrade, or light a few candles during your horror movie night with your partner. With the right scent and glow, you'll be ready for the fall in no time, so it's time to find the candle that's a match made in Halloween heaven.

This 'Hocus Pocus' Candle

The one Halloween movie you may have seen a million times is Hocus Pocus. You love to quote the film with your besties and dance around to "I Put A Spell On You" like you're one of the Sanderson sisters. If this is your fave Halloween movie, you should get this Hocus Pocus candle from Etsy that smells like pumpkin and coconut.

This Pumpkin Picking Candle

Between going to the farm to pick pumpkins and drinking PSLs every morning, it's safe to say you're pumpkin-obsessed. Give yourself pumpkin to talk about with this Pumpkin Picking candle from Homesick. Every time you light it, you'll feel like you're relaxing with your besties having a gourd time on the farm.

This 'Mean Girls'-Inspired Candle

This candle is perfect for a Halloween lover who also loves quoting Mean Girls on the reg. The candle features the "I'm a mouse, duh" quote from Karen, along with adorable pumpkins and fall foliage printed on the front. Light this up on Halloween when you're also dressed like a mouse... duh!

This Haunted Mansion-Inspired Candle

Wishes Candle Co. has Disney-inspired candles that each come with a surprise pin inside, and this Haunted Mansion-themed one is perfect to light up in the spirit of Halloween.

The Regions Beyond candle references Madame Leota, the character from the crystal ball in the Haunted Mansion, who summons spirits from "regions beyond." This purple candle has a patchouli, geraniums, musk, and woody scent with glitter on top.

This Black Flame Candle

There would be no Hocus Pocus movie without the black flame candle that brings back the Sanderson sisters. If you dare, you can light this black flame candle from Etsy and see what happens. The scent is a mixture of fallen leaves, cinnamon, apple, and pecan cedar. (Just remember — you've been warned.)

This Cozy October Nights Candle

On chill October nights, you can't wait to cuddle up with your pet in a fuzzy blanket and watch TV. To set the mood, light this Midnight in October candle that has a truly spooky feel. Choose from over 25 scents, such as pumpkin pie, apple pie, and s'mores, or have the Etsy shop choose for you for a fun surprise.

This 'Halloweentown' Candle

For instant nostalgia, get yourself this Halloweentown candle that has a cute design on the front with Marnie and her grandma flying on a broomstick. Plan a throwback movie night where you watch all your favorite Halloween DCOMs on Disney+, and whip up some Halloween popcorn in cute mason jars. Then, light your Halloweentown candle to complete the vibe.

These Spooky Horror Movie Candles

Calling all horror movie lovers: You'll adore these horror movie candles that feature some of your favorite characters like Pennywise from It and Jason from Friday the 13th. After picking out which movie you want, decide on one of the fall scents like midnight vanilla or caramel pumpkin chai.

This Sweet Candy Corn Candle

Not only does this candy corn candle smell like the popular Halloween candy, but it looks like candy corn as well. It has yellow, orange, and white layers to resemble the delicious treat. Whether you love candy corn or hate it, you can't deny this candle is cute.

This Spooky Stories Candle

Create the perfect reading nook and open up a spooky story. To give yourself plenty of reading light, get yourself this Spooky Stories candle that's supposed to smell like dry leaves, campfire, and cocoa. This will remind you of telling ghost stories around a bonfire with your besties while you deep-dive into a scary novel at home.

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