A young woman sits at a desk in her home office that she decorated all cozy for fall.
Here's How To Make Your Home Office Cozy For Fall With Candles & Goodies Galore

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The season of butternut squash soup, spooky holidays, and pumpkin lattes is almost here. Of course, this year, you'll be celebrating it a little differently, though, and trading in the Halloween parties at work for online shopping adventures. It's likely your mission to know how to make your home office cozy for fall, and to fill your space with candles and goodies galore.

Before you start randomly tapping "add to cart," here are some pretty gourd suggestions on products you need to buy and inspired ideas you can recreate. If you follow them to a tee — or a least, pick out a few — you'll be working in a space that looks like a Pinterest board and feels like the coffee shops you used to always go to. In between your Zoom meetings, you'll want to take selfies and detail shots to post on your IG story. Not to mention, you'll want to sit down at your laptop and power through a to-do list with motivation and ease.

Although fall is typically a season for winding down and starting to take things slow, these products and ideas have that effect. They'll remind you of the beauty of leaves falling, and fill your heart up with excitement for different coffee flavors, and your mom's pecan pie. Check them out and then get excited for how cozy your home office will be.

Drink A Warm Latte Out Of A Themed Mug

Lattes are a staple of autumn. At least, that's the rule in your home office where your bar cart is about to be decked out in vines of colorful leaves, twinkly lights, and themed mugs. This adorable fall mug will brighten up your day and remind you to go stop by the local farm stand after work. (Yes, please!)

Light Candles That Smell Like The Season

If you close your eyes, you might be able to imagine what fall smells like. It's a warm mixture of cinnamon, pumpkin, and crunchy leaves right outside your front door. This candle is ready to make your daydream a reality, and give you a cozy item to look at during your virtual meetings.

Switch Out The Art Prints Near Your Desk

Odds are, you've already changed the letter board in your home office to say a witty phrase like, "Do you, boo." Now, it's time to update your art prints. How about this print of friends who are drinking cappuccinos and wearing colorful outfits? It'll be a sweet transition piece from the warmer months to the cooler ones.

Listen To 'Folklore' On A Dreamy Speaker

When Taylor Swift released folklore, you became so excited for fall. This album is filled with jams, but it's also pretty chill and makes you want to snuggle up in your cardigans. You should get this unique lantern-shaped speaker so you can turn on the album while you respond to emails.

Dress Up Your Shelves With Decorative Pumpkins

When you walk through the home decor sections of a store, do you have to stop yourself from purchasing all of the pumpkins? That's perfectly understandable, and you should buy a few for the shelves in the home office you're spending so much time in. Two of these will dress up your shelves and happily welcome Halloween into your space.

Sprinkle Candy Corn In An Adorable Serving Dish

Having snacks in your home office is #necessary, because you can get hungry in the middle of the afternoon. During the fall, your snacks can fit in with the theme of the season and you can fill a dish like this one with candy corn, mini chocolate bars, or even cinnamon-flavored mints. The best part? This dish can easily be a staple in your space, no matter what season it may be.

Get An Inspiring Notebook To Write In

A new season means new ideas, and where better to keep track of your #inspo than in these cool notebooks? They totally sport the colors of fall and will remind you to take life one dream at a time. It may be the time of the year when the leaves fall, but you're on the rise, OK?

Put Fall Mums In A Planter Near The Window

Your garden is about to take a fall turn, so be sure to switch out the plants in your house, too. Put colorful fall mums in a cork planter near the windows in your office and water them before you log on for the day. You'll likely adore this tradition and the beautiful purple, orange, and red tones.

Turn Your Laptop Charger Into A Seasonal Goodie

Don't forget your laptop charger when you're embracing #fallmode. Decorate it with these stickers that are totally inspired by what you love the most about fall. Latte? Check. Campfire? Check. Candy apples? Check. Adding them to your cart and making your home office so cozy? Don't wait to say, "Check!"

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