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10 Fall Anniversary Ideas For You & Your Pumpkin To Enjoy At Home

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'Tis the season for snuggling with your SO a little longer in the morning in a sea full of blankets and celebrating a special milestone together: your anniversary. That's right — you and your partner started dating, got engaged, or even tied the knot during one of these fall months when the leaves are vibrant hues of orange, red, and yellow. Now, you need things to do for your fall anniversary at home so you can celebrate in the most cozy and unique way possible.

In the past, you two may have visited your first date spot or taken a hike to see the colorful #views that come with October. But, this year, you want to keep things sweet and simple. Together, you might have decided that you're going to skip out on chores or work meetings, and instead, spend the day in cozy pairs of sweatpants, enjoying food you love.

Whenever you're together, you have the best time and make iconic memories. This anniversary season will be no different, whether you're getting cozy on the couch, crafting Halloween-inspired decor, or building a fort in your living room. Here are 10 things you can do for your fall anniversary at home this year with your pumpkin.

Paint Pumpkins For Your Shelves
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Get in the spirit of the season and paint pumpkins for your bookshelves. They can appear to have silly faces or show off a whimsical design. It's completely up to you and your SO to get creative, and make two or three pieces of decor that celebrate you.

To prep for this anniversary idea, be sure to pick up acrylic or craft paints at your local craft store, as well as some brushes. Spread out newspapers on your kitchen table so your colorful paint doesn't go everywhere.

Wear Matching Crewnecks To The Couch

Do you and your partner love to coordinate outfits? If so, you should put on matching crewnecks and then head over to the couch. There, you can read a book together, flip through all your photo albums, or laugh at funny couples on TikTok. If you don't already have matching crewnecks, spend your whole day making some with tie-dye or embroidery materials.

Make Chocolate Chip Pancakes For Breakfast

It's known that chocolate is romantic AF. So, spend the morning of your anniversary making a meal that makes chocolate a centerpiece: chocolate chip pancakes. On the side, prep some bacon, eggs, and a bowl of fresh fruit. Your partner can help you prepare this meal, or you can surprise them with it as part of your anniversary gift.

Lay Out A Candy Trail With Cute Notes And Clues

Halloween candy is already making its tasty appearance in stores, so take advantage of that before your anniversary. After getting a bag of chocolate bars, spread them out in a trail that leads around the place you and your partner may share.

On some, leave a cute note detailing something you love about your SO or a clue to where the next candy bar may be. At the end of the trail, have your SO's anniversary present waiting for them.

Build A Fort To Watch Romantic Comedies In
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Your partner brings out the adventurer in you. They make you so giddy and always give you the best ideas for how to make an activity more exciting or fun. On your anniversary, spice up the usual romantic comedies you watch by building a fort to watch them in. Prop up pillows near your couch and chairs, and then attach a sheet to the ceiling to create a canopy. Take a bunch of pictures of your setup for IG to document this fun anniversary date idea.

Vlog Your Average Day At Home

Some of the best days you spend with your partner are at home when you have literally nothing going on. Why don't you document that ~ideal~ day for your anniversary, then, to look back on when life inevitably changes? During the vlog, you can cook a butternut squash soup, or give a tour of your home and the fall decor you've put up. Then, edit your clips and add in music that you both adore.

Slow Dance To Songs That Remind You Of Fall

Slow dancing with your partner in your kitchen while a record player or bluetooth speaker plays chill songs is something straight out of the movies. So, you have to do it on your anniversary, right? To get this idea started, make a playlist of songs that are special to you two or remind you of fall.

Have An Apple Cider Tasting On IG Live

Celebrating your anniversary at home doesn't mean you can't bring your friends and family into your day. It just means you'll want to interact with them over Instagram Live. Do so by going to local orchards ahead of time and getting a container of their fresh cider. Grab some glasses, sit at your kitchen table with all the different ciders and your SO, and then taste-test them for your people who love you both endlessly.

Cook A Pot Of Turkey Chili Before The Game
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If your anniversary falls on a day when your favorite baseball or football team is playing, cook up a pot of turkey chili and have yourselves a sporty night. Cheer for your personal MVPs and kiss every time your team scores a run or touchdown. It'll make for an anniversary you'll never forget.

Have A Cozy Photo Shoot In Bed

Last but not least, have a cozy photo shoot with your partner in bed. Open up your windows so the fall air comes in, and then get all snuggled up before the self-timer goes off. Capture all kinds of poses, from you two laughing to you two going in for a sweet kiss.

If you find one you absolutely love, put a black and white filter on it, get it printed, and hang it up in your bedroom. It'll be a sweet anniversary present for the both of you.