A plate filled with edible flowers sits on a table with a fork resting against it.
These Edible Flower Cookbooks Are Bloomin' Additions To Your Collection

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The presentation of your dish is just as important as the taste of it. A fun way to transform your meals from OK to totally Insta-worthy is by using edible flowers. And if you're looking to upgrade your skills in the kitchen, you might want to grab a few edible flower cookbooks to know just what ingredients to use. There's a lot more that goes into incorporating floral accents into your food than just placing a few vibrant blooms on your plate for decor.

Not only can you add certain flowers to your dishes and beverages, but you can also learn how to create realistic-looking flowers out of buttercream for your desserts. Soon enough, your dishes and drinks will look like something straight out of a food magazine. All you need to do to get started is add any of these edible flower cookbooks to your kitchen shelf. There's a variety of books to choose from, whether you're looking for sweet treats for your next date night at home, or full meals for a garden dinner party with your roomies.

Since your blooming eats and sips will be the definition of Instagram-worthy, you'll want to keep a few flower captions on hand for the foodie pics you'll be snapping. As soon as you post, you'll start to see all the lilacs start to roll in.

'Blooming & Breezing Flower Cookbook' by Bobby Flatt

Thanks to Blooming & Breezing Flower Cookbook, you can make yourself a salad for lunch that looks like you just picked it from some enchanted forest. Not only does this cookbook have salad recipes, but also cocktails and main courses.

'The Ultimate Flower Cookbook, Your Guide to Flower Cooking' by Martha Stone

Sure, you'd like to learn how to add flowers to your recipes, but if you'd also like to learn how to elevate your home flower garden, you'll want to get yourself a copy of The Ultimate Flower Cookbook. It has more than 25 recipes you can follow and tells you how to take care of the flowers you use if you're planning on growing them at home.

'Botanical Baking' by Juliet Sear

Perhaps baking is more your jam. If so, you'll want to get the Botanical Baking cookbook, which shows you how to properly decorate your baked good with flowers and provides you with tasty recipes as well. Have fun whipping up gorgeous lavender biscuits and pressed flower macarons for tea time with your bestie.

'Edible Flowers' by Kathy Brown

Be inspired by the gorgeous pictures in this Edible Flowers cookbook. In this book, you'll find beautiful shots of edible flowers with how to care for them in your own home garden. There are also 25 recipes for you to try your hand at, using the edible flowers mentioned.

'Edible Flowers: A Kitchen Companion' by Kitty Morse

Like the title says, this book will be your new best friend in the kitchen as you use edible flowers for the first time. In Edible Flowers: A Kitchen Companion, you'll find tasty recipes that include chilled lilied melon and mango soup, dianthus butter, and a chive blossom tart.

'The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook' by Kristina Seleshanko

If dandelions are your favorite, this cookbook with be a dandy addition to your bookshelf. The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook has 148 recipes that use all the parts of a dandelion flower. Not only does it use the buds, but also the stems, roots, and leaves.

'Eat Your Roses' by Denise Schreiber

This edible flower cookbook really rose to the occasion. If you'd like to incorporate some of your favorite well-known flowers into your dishes like roses and pansies, you'll want to get Eat Your Roses. It'll be the perfect guide to cooking up some delicious dishes using over 50 different blooms.

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