Chewy's cat Halloween advent calendar is filled with 13 unique toys for your feline.

Your Cat Won’t Boo This Halloween Advent Calendar Filled With 13 Toys

It’s the purr-fect surprise.

Never would you ever celebrate Halloween without your cat. Not only are they a crucial part of your Hocus Pocus-themed costume, but your live-in bestie is also by your side when you’re watching spooky movies, making cat-o’-lanterns, or taking out some new toys for playtime. If you’re looking to surprise your furry bestie with some festive toys that are all treat and no trick, Chewy’s cat Halloween advent calendar is a fun new tradition to add to your routine.

While your current Halloween traditions are totally fang-tastic, this cat advent calendar lets your pet get in on the festivities and amuse themselve while you’re marathoning Halloweentown or hanging up pumpkin-shaped decorations. Like a holiday advent calendar, this Halloween edition surprises them with one adorable Halloween-themed toy every day. The treats themselves are guaranteed to give your feline heart eyes. One of the toys is a furry spider with pink legs that your cat will likely chase around the house, while another is a green goblin with a feather tail that would be a great buddy at nap times. You can expect a “kitty-approved variety of plastic balls, plush toys, bouncy toys, and more.” In total, there are 13 toys tucked into 13 different slots.

The best part? The calendar does all the hard work of picking out toys for you, and you can purchase one for your pet or for the pet owner in your life who wants to spoil their feline this Halloween without breaking the bank. Pet retailer Chewy has the advent calendars listed on their website for just $20. Before you tap “add to cart,” though, read up on all the details and what to expect.

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The goal of the advent calendar is to open one slot per day, for the 13 days leading up to Halloween. Of course, if your kitten is particularly excited for the holiday (honestly, same), you can always give them a sneak peek at the other treats hidden inside by opening one of cardboard slots just a tiny bit or doubling up on one day. However, the brand does note that you should supervise your cat while they play with the toys as they’re quite tiny and “not indestructible.” For safety reasons, you’ll want to ensure parts don’t break off, and get swallowed.


Keeping safety in mind, though, the advent calendar promises to add some excitement to the Halloween countdown. If you want to be crowned the Best Owner Ever, you can turn opening it into an exciting, end-of-the day routine or pair it with other household festivities. For instance, you can spend the 13 days treating your cat to other treats and toys, or dressing them up in funny costumes. You can also have a photo shoot in your living room and document your cat discovering each Halloween-themed toy for TikTok, or have them monitor you while you prepare treats for a virtual Halloween party with your best friends (the possibilities are truly endless).

To get started, you simply need to head to the Chewy website, add the cat Halloween calendar to your cart, and then start getting excited for the spookiest holiday of the year. It’s that simple to get your furry bestie a purr-fect surprise.