PetSmart's 2021 Halloween costumes include pieces that work for both cats and dogs.

PetSmart's New Halloween Costumes Include So Many Scary-Cute Options

Forget the tricks, because these pup ‘fits are a total treat.


With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time for fur parents to start brainstorming scary-cute costume ideas for the spookiest night of the year. Luckily, PetSmart’s 2021 Halloween costumes have plenty of paw-some ideas for dogs and cats, as well as plenty of mini ‘fits for guinea pigs and even bearded dragons, meaning no one will be left out of the fun. From a Stormtrooper-inspired getup to an adorable It clown costume that Georgie definitely wouldn’t run from, here are some of the cutest pet Halloween costumes from this year’s collection.

Like in past years, PetSmart is going all out in the Halloween department with a variety of costumes for different animals. So, yes, there are plenty of dress-up options for your pup that’ll make capturing that “boop” shot even cuter than normal, but you can also dress up reptiles and smaller creatures for their Oct. 31 close-up. Dog owners can also purchase “pup and me” sets, meaning you and your furry bestie can twin in matching costumes for all your Halloween photos. Once you dress your fur baby in one of these spooktacular outfits, get ready for all the adorable photo opps. Plus, you can reward them with a haunted treat or toy at the end.

You can browse PetSmart’s full lineup of pet Halloween costumes on its website, but here are some of the choices that are guaranteed to get the pawty started.

If you want to illicit giggles over screams, this hot dog costume will definitely do the trick. While it’s a natural choice for a dachshund (aka a wiener dog), you can also use this ensemble for dressing up a cat or other small dogs.

For less than $20, It fans can score this creepy optical illusion that makes it look like the clown is serving your pup’s head on a platter.

Have your pup or kitten flaunt their inner unicorn with this skeleton-inspired twist on the mythical creature.

This shark costume for dogs and cats is all bark and no bite with a strap-on design and a clever head opening.

Parents of smaller pets like rabbits and guinea pigs will love this Star Wars-inspired Stormtrooper costume, which comes with a tiny helmet for an extra dose of cuteness.

Speaking of tiny hats, this cowboy Halloween costume for your reptile will make all your friends say “Holy cow” when you share a photo of it on the ‘Gram.

Twin with your furry BFF in matching pumpkin sweaters. Not only does it take away the stress of figuring out your costume for any Halloween gathering, but it’ll also make for some adorable howl-iday photos for the ‘Gram.