A dog wear a pink 'Mean Girls' mom track suit looks back.
PetSmart's New Halloween Costumes Include A 'Mean Girls' Track Suit That's So Fetch

Deciding on your pet's Halloween costume can be doggone difficult. However, PetSmart's 2020 Halloween costumes are here to make the decision process a lot easier. Instead of searching the internet for inspo, all you have to do is browse through PetSmart's new collection of costumes for your dog, cat, and even your guinea pig that are inspired by some of your favorite movies and Disney characters.

The furry friend costume you decide on together may even give you fun ideas for your own getup. You might end up with an adorable #twinning look that's totally Instagram-worthy. After all, Halloween is about being silly all dressed up and capturing spooktacular content to share.

Among the new items in PetSmart's 2020 collection is the cutest track suit from Mean Girls that your pup can be sassy in while you channel Regina George or Cady Heron. There are also many Disney princess dresses to choose from. Your paw-some prince or princess can have fun while doing their favorite tricks for treats, and you can dress up as your fave counterpart. You are sure to be a dynamic duo for the cutest Instagram selfies together.

If you're still unsure, hopefully one of these 10 PetSmart costumes will be just what you and your pooch are looking for to get the Halloween pawty started.

A Cool 'Mean Girls' Mom Track Suit

This Mean Girls track suit is so fetch, and even Regina George can't deny that. After all, your pup is not just a "regular" dog, your dog is a "cool" dog. For a fun group costume with your furry friend and roomies, dress up as "The Plastics" with your dog taking center stage.

A Fintastic Ariel Costume

Your pup was mermaid for this adorable Ariel costume from The Little Mermaid. The hilarious wig that resembles Ariel's iconic red hair is what makes this costume extra special. There's even a mermaid guinea pig option for your smaller pets at home.

An Out-Of-This-World The Child Costume

Star Wars fans can dress up their dog up as Baby Yoda — aka, The Child — from The Mandalorian. Choose between this dog costume that has The Child holding a frog, or a cozy Baby Yoda option that fits both a cat and a dog. Whatever you get, caption your costumed selfies with, "Yoda one for me."

A Mailman Costume That Truly Delivers

It's time to address those rumors that postal workers and dogs don't get along by getting this adorable mailman pet costume. From the front, it'll make your dog or cat look like a USPS worker carrying a package. It's not only silly and adorable, but will definitely bring a smile to your delivery person's day.

A Wigged-Out 'Beetlejuice' Costume

The highlight of this Beetlejuice costume is definitely the hilarious green wig. There's just something about pets in wigs that instantly make you LOL. PetSmart has both this lime green option and a Beetlejuice costume with a grey wig, so choose whichever one matches your fur baby's fur and vibe better.

A Royal 'Tiger King' Costume

Netflix's series, Tiger King, was a big hit at the beginning quarantine, so any characters from the show might be trending costumes this year for Halloween. Instead of dressing up as Carole Baskin or Joe Exotic, your pet can dress up as a literal Tiger King. With a tiny crown on their head, they'll be royally cute.

A Doughnut And Coffee Costume You'll Love A Latte

You doughnut want to miss out on this coffee and doughnut costume, especially if your pup enjoys puppuccinos for a sweet treat. Complete the punny #twinning moment by going as a Milk Bone. Then you have representation of snacks you both enjoy.

A Classic Monster Costume

Sometimes, it's easy on Halloween to just to dress up as a monster from a classic horror movie. Choose between something like Frankenstein's monster or a werewolf. PetSmart even has some newer horror icons like Chucky. Any of these are perfect to wear while you're snuggling up and watching scary movies.

A Magical Narwhal Costume

Your pup will look absolutely magical in this narwhal costume. To keep on the mystical trend, you can even dress up your guinea pig in a unicorn costume. Get your point across on your Insta post with a punny caption like, "I will narwhalways love you."

A Boo-tiful 'Ghostbusters' Costume

Your dog "ain't afraid of no ghost," especially when they're rocking this Ghostbusters costume. If you've got a whole pack of pups at home, plan a group costume with some ghostbusters, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Slimer the ghost. "Who you gonna call?" Why Ghostbusters, of course.