A woman, in a unicorn costume, holds her dog, who is also in a unicorn costume.
Petco's "Bootique" Has Costumes & Treats That Are Way Too Cute To Spook

It's never too early to start thinking about your PAWW-some Halloween plans. A cozy night at home with your dog or cat may be exactly what you have in mind, and Petco's "Bootique" collection for Halloween 2020 has everything to make your October undeniably purr-fect. From pet costumes to spooktacular toys, you can find something special for every one of your furry friends at home. There are even matching costumes so you and your pup can look extra cute in your boo-tiful selfies.

To get in the Halloween spirit, dress your pup up in a cozy, witchy sweater. Then, bake some tasty ghost cookies for yourself, and give your pup some witch's brew cauldron cookies ($9, Petco) to enjoy, too. Finally, get comfy while watching your favorite Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas on the couch.

Just because you're spending the holiday at home doesn't mean you can't still dress up. There are a bunch of super cute and hilarious pet costumes to choose from in Petco's "Bootique." Get your cat a lion's mane or your pup a hot diggity dog costume. Even your guinea pig can look fab as a unicorn. If you need a little inspiration, check out these "Bootique" items that are sure to get you pumped for Oct. 31.

This Unicorn Costume Is So Majestic

Your pup will look absolutely majestic in this unicorn costume. Not only is it cute and hilarious, but there's a matching pet parent unicorn onesie, too. That means you and your pup can enjoy a sweet #twinning moment. If you've got multiple pets at home, there's even a cat unicorn costume and one for your even smaller pets like a guinea pig or a hamster.

This Halloween Sweater Is Cozy And Cute

Fall is all about sweater weather, so get your furry friend a cute pullover like this Halloween-themed one. The orange will coordinate perfectly with the autumn leaves that your pup will be so eager to frolic in. Plus, the "Happy Halloween Witches" printed on the front of the sweater is the perfect caption for a picture.

This Lion's Mane Is Extra Fluffy

Halloween is a time to be whatever your heart desires, so if your cat has always dreamed of being a lion, make their dreams come true with this adorable lion's mane costume. It's hilariously cute, just like your silly cat.

This Cat Burglar Costume Is So Punny

You can't go wrong with a punny Halloween costume, so you might want to get your fur baby this cat burglar 'fit. The adorable beanie comes with a mask, so your cat can hide their identity while they lurk around your apartment. It'll surely make all your friends LOL when you show them pictures.

This Groot Costume Is Marvelous

Petco's "Bootique" has tons of superhero costumes from Marvel and DC. If your dog's a total boss, dress them up as Wonder Woman, and if they're a little mischievous, they might prefer a Joker costume. They're all cute and adorable, but the Groot costume is extra "aww"-worthy. There's also a cat version, so make sure to take a ton of pics and post your favorite with the caption, "I am Groot."

These Witch's Brew Cookies Are Spooky Good

While you go through your Halloween candy haul, your pup can enjoy some sweets of their own that are pet-friendly, like these cauldron cookies. Each cauldron is filled with carob and vanilla-flavored dog cookies that are pumpkin and bat-shaped.

This Variety Pack Of Chews Is A Fun Surprise For Your Pup

If your dog prefers chews over treats, you can get them this variety pack. (Because, let's be honest: They're such a good, cute boy and deserve all the rewards.) Each pack includes two ribeye bones, two cow hooves, and three beef trachea rings.

This Candy Corn Dog Toy Is Sweetness Overload

This candy corn dog toy is almost as sweet as your pupper who totally wins all cuteness awards. It's not only a plush toy, but it has ropes as well, which are perfect for playing around with.

This Witchy Spell Book Dog Toy Is Paww-some

This spell book plush will be a magical addition to your pup's toy collection. This hilarious toy looks just like a witch's spell book, and it can actually be the perfect accessory to your dog's Winifred Sanderson costume.

This Dress Is Wicked Fancy

To go with the spell book dog toy, get your pup this wicked cute dress. The ruffle sleeves and matching skirt are just too sweet to pass up on. The dress even has a "Witch Please" pun on it that'll make your followers laugh when they see your Insta Stories.

This King Costume Is Regal AF

Your cat probably walks around your apartment like they run the place already, so this king costume is a total mood. They'll feel extra regal with their cape and crown. This is actually the perfect costume to get if you're dressing up as your favorite Hamilton characters this year, because your cat can be King George.