A woman gives her dog a bath in the backyard.

36 Captions For Giving Your Pup A Bath That Are Quite Fetching

AleksandarNakic/E+/Getty Images

Giving your dog a bath can be somewhat of a struggle, but you always find yourself laughing at how cute your pupper looks all covered in bubbles. Plus, you can get the sweetest pics together that you'll want to post on your feed, paired with Instagram captions for giving your dog a bath. Everything's always 10 times more fun with your BFF — best furry friend — by your side anyway, so you might as well spread the good vibes on the 'Gram, too.

Sometimes, it's easier to give your dog a bath in the tub, but during the summer, you may want to plan a fun day in the backyard that involves getting clean. Get an inflatable swimming pool that you can fill up with soapy water. Then, let your pup splash around and play in the pool. Once your dog's been scrubbed down, wash the soap off with the hose. Since you'll be having fun in the sun, wear your fave swimsuit and don't worry about getting a little wet yourself — that's the fun of it.

Set up your camera on self-timer mode for some playful pics, or have your roomie snap some candids. Be sure to get a Boomerang of your pup shaking off the water, too. Then, use any of these 36 bath captions for your pup to post your fave pics of the bunch.


1. "I do this just fur you."

2. "Rubber duckie you're the one, you make bath time lots of fun." — Sesame Street

3. "You make bath time pawesome."

4. "I labradore you even when you're wet."

5. "Bath time doesn't have to be ruff."

6. "You deserve all the bones for taking bath time like a champ."

7. "It's like he/she knows when it's bath time."

8. "Rub-a-dub-dub a pup in a tub."

9. "Was rolling around in the dirt woof it?"

10. "It's only fur a minute, I swear."

11. "Water you doing?"

12. "I'm paws-itively in love with this clean pup."

13. "My dog only pulls out the puppy dog eyes when it's bath time."

14. "Sometimes, your pup just needs a bubble bath."

15. "Think of it like a spa day."

16. "I like big tubs and I cannot lie. You other bubbles can't deny."

17. "Where are my rubber duckies at?"

18. "Nothing is im-paw-sible. Not even bath time."

19. "Sometimes, you gotta just dive right in."

20. "Thanks fur letting me give you a bath."


21. "It's time to get this bubble bath pawty started."

22. "You're looking quite fetching after that bath."

23. "I woof spending time with you... even if it's bath time."

24. "Feeling corgeous."

25. "The wet look is in right now."

26. "Bath time was a breeze, I shih tzu not."

27. "When it's bath time, the puggle is real."

28. "The bath is a good time to paws and reflect."

29. "I'm just getting a bath. Howl you doing?"

30. "Wash away your troubles with some bubbles."

31. "Life is the bubbles." — The Little Mermaid

32. "Paws what you're doing right now, and look at this fresh pup."

33. "Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath." — Bobby Darin, "Splish Splash"

34. "You can't be angry when there are bubbles."

35. "Today, we're trading in the mud and grass for some soap and water."

36. "Shake it off." — Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off"