A woman sits in an inflatable pool in her backyard during the summer.
These Inflatable Pools Will Make The Most IG-Worthy Splash In Your Backyard

When scrolling through Instagram, you see your friends posting selfies on giant inflatables shaped like unicorns and glittery hearts, and you want in on the fun. But alas, you don't have a pool in your backyard. Don't fret, though. It's time you treat yourself to one of the best inflatable pools for summer 2020. The sun-filled snaps await.

On super warm days, your priority is putting on your swimsuit, getting in the water, and basking in the sunshine. There's a variety of inflatable pools that can fit all your housemates or just you. You can even get a pool with a summery pattern, or one that's shaped like a pink convertible. There's also a lot of ways you can enjoy your new pool. Grab a glass of lemonade and your headphones, or just dip your toes in while catching up on your summer reading.

If you need help deciding which is the right one for you, these eight inflatable pools are Instagram-worthy and will instantly upgrade your weekend plans. In just about no time, you could be cooling off on a sizzling day, wearing your fave pair of sunglasses, and enjoying a fruity drink. Don't forget to snap a few pics for the 'Gram, so your friends can see your summer vibes are going strong.

This Heart-Shaped Inflatable Pool

You'll have heart eyes for this inflatable pool. Shaped like a heart, this is a really sweet pool for you and your partner to enjoy together. Swap out dinner under the stars for a relaxing pool date under the sun.

This Vibrant Print Mini Pool

If you're looking for a pool to match your summer aesthetic, this one from FUNBOY is a great choice. It features a floral peach-colored pattern on the outside, which will look great in your Insta pics. Find a coordinating swimsuit so you can #twin with your pool.

This Lemon Inflatable Pool

When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade and soak in this lemon-patterned pool. This cute inflatable is just the right size for you to stretch out while you're getting your tan on and streaming the hottest summertime hits.

This Floral Pool

Minnidip carries a bunch of really cute inflatable pools. Right now, a lot of them are waiting to be restocked, like this floral one. But, you can sign up to be notified as soon as any of the Minnidip pools are available for purchase again at Target. This particular one is a perfect reminder that it's important to stop and smell the roses.

This Banana Leaf Pool

Another Minnidip pool you can add to your cart when it's back in stock is this banana leaf patterned one. Instead of relaxing in a hammock at the beach, you could be lounging in a mini pool without having to leave your backyard.

This Watermelon Inflatable Pool

"Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles might as well be the song of the summer. Stay on trend with this watermelon inflatable pool that's also from Minnidip. While you're cooling off, listen to Styles' song and enjoy some fresh watermelon slices.

This Family-Sized Inflatable Pool

Are you looking for a pool that can fit you and your roomies? Well, this inflatable pool can comfortably fit up to three people. It even has a bench and two cup holders for your sips.

This Convertible Car Pool

Take a dip in your backyard with this hot pink convertible that's an inflatable pool. You'll look like you're driving Barbie's dream car while relaxing with your best friend. This can even be used as a float in the pool if you don't fill it up with water.