A woman lays out on a Hello Kitty pool float by the water at the beach.
GetFloaty's Hello Kitty Collection Will Whisker You Away To Better Pool Days

Say "Hello" to the cutest inflatables you've ever seen. If you're looking for the purr-fect pool accessory for summer, you'll want to check out GetFloaty's Hello Kitty collection. Ranging from giant inflatables to drink holders, this collection has everything you need for a relaxing day by the pool. All you need to do is pick which inflatable truly floats your boat, and cruise into summer in style.

You know how important a proper inflatable is to hot backyard days. It's the difference between swimming around for a bit here and there versus living your best summer life and seas-ing the day. You want to get your hands on something that's not only relaxing AF, but fits your vibe and gets you excited to get into the pool. Having a float that's Instagram-worthy is a major plus. Luckily, this Hello Kitty collection checks off every box on your must-have list. It's cute, comfortable, and paws-itively picture-perfect.

All you need to do is browse these five Hello Kitty items in the collection, and select which ones you'd like to "add to cart." You might even want to get yourself a coordinating Hello Kitty swimsuit or wear a red bow in your hair for the ultimate #twinning look. Before you work on your tan while floating off to paradise, snap a cute selfie with your float. Caption your pics with a cat pun that's super sweet. Basically, you want to let your friends know you aren't kitten around, and plan to have a summer you'll want to remember furever.

This Giant Hello Kitty Screams "Check Meowt"

This Hello Kitty inflatable will seriously upgrade your summertime chillin'. It's a giant Hello Kitty face that's beyond adorable, and it's big enough for you to stretch out on or cuddle up close to bae.

This Giant Bow Will Have You Red-y For Summer

Hello Kitty doesn't go anywhere without her signature red bow, so you shouldn't go to the beach or pool without yours, either. This giant inflatable bow is perfect for lounging on the water while you're working on your tan, or you can lounge on it when you're reading a book in the backyard.

This Hello Kitty Float Is Totally Tubular

This Hello Kitty tube isn't your average pool tube — it has adorable ears, whiskers, and a red bow. It's perfect for when you want to chill in the pool with your fave fruity drink, or float down a lazy river.

This Cupholder Is All Abowt It

Hello Kitty's favorite accessory is her hair bow, and this red bow cupholder will be your fave sidekick this summer. You'll need something to keep your tropical smoothies by your side when you're in the pool. To stay on theme, you can even get yourself a cute Hello Kitty reusable cup.

This Hello Kitty Cupholder Is Fur Real

This Hello Kitty cupholder is the adorable alternative to her signature bow. This design looks just like the Hello Kitty Tube, so you and your drink can totally match if you get both. The best part of all is that both the bow and Hello Kitty cupholder designs come with two floats each. That way, you and your roomie can keep on sippin' as you enjoy your pool day.