A woman sits on a pink unicorn pool float in the water.
These Inflatables Are Ready To Float Into Your Heart & IG Feed This Summer

Another summer is about to float its way into your heart, so it's time to gear up for pool days and backyard chillin'. Along with cute swimsuits and vibrant beach towels, you'll want to be in the know about the best pool floats for summer 2020. A day by or on the water is made even better when you have something to lounge on. Since there are so many oversized inflatables out there, focus on what makes up your dream pool float.

You may want to something that's big and cozy. After frolicking in the water and playing games with the fam, you'll want to relax on an inflatable that's made for lounging. Something with a cup holder for your fruity drink is an added bonus. From there, you want to make sure your float is vibrant and IG-worthy. The swimsuit snaps and sunglasses selfies are #necessary for any pool day, so choose an inflatable that's worthy of your most 'Grammable moments.

Finally, treat yourself to a pool float that matches your summer vibe. If you're mermaid for the water, grab a holographic seashell float, and if you want to get close to bae, get something that's made for two people. Once you have your pool priorities in mind, it'll be easier for you to choose between any of the below floats that are the real MVPs of summer.

This Hello Kitty Inflatable

If you're a Hello Kitty fan, you'll be quick to add this adorable float to your cart. This is just one of the many cute Hello Kitty-themed floats and pool accessories in #GETFLOATY's collection. If you're in the market for a couple new floats, check out Hello Kitty's iconic red bow, too.

This Private Jet

If you have major wanderlust on the reg, this private jet float is calling your name. Instead of soaring high in the sky, you can be floating away on the water in your own backyard. There's even a cup holder, so you can enjoy some inflight beverages while sunbathing.

This Glittery Pink Unicorn

If you love all things magical, this float is for you. This glittery pink unicorn from FUNBOY was made for seriously sweet selfies and splashing good times this summer.

This Avocado Ring

Guac out with a fun avocado float. This pool ring looks just like an avocado, right down to the pit in the middle. The pit actually comes out, and you and your roomie or siblings can use it as a beach ball when you're playing games in the pool.

This Giant Fruit Inflatable For Two

Searching for a float that's perfect for you and bae? Well, this giant fruit island is exactly what you need. This massive inflatable is big enough for two people to comfortably lounge on together. It'll be like you're on your very own private island with your sweetheart by your side, while you relax under the sun.

This Holographic Seashell

You would totally swap places with Ariel for the day so you could swim in the sea and sing with the fish. Channel your inner mermaid with your very own holographic seashell. You can even use funny mermaid puns for your Insta pic, like "Shell yeah" or "Days like today mer-make me happy."

This Sloth Float

Summer days were meant to be lazy days lounging by the pool. You might as well get this adorable sloth float to keep you company all sea-sun long.

This Glitter Heart

This glittery tube from will totally give you heart eyes. Not only is it super cute with the heart design, but the glitter inside will sparkle in the sunshine. The heart almost resembles the heart around Taylor Swift's eye on her Lover album cover, so crank up the volume on "Cruel Summer" while you enjoy a quality pool day in your own backyard.