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Some of TikTok's best dollar store decor hacks include propagation stations and planters that would ...
These TikTok Dollar Store Decor Hacks Are A Sweet Deal For Your Dorm Room

Just add hot glue.

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With a new semester right around the corner, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to decorate your dorm room with your ideal aesthetic — and keep it all within your budget. After all, this is going to be your corner on campus; a space where you can kick back after a long day of study sessions, café meet-ups, extracurricular activities, and bonding with your new BFFs. While you might need to splurge on essentials like a comforter and desk lamp, TikTok has you covered when it comes to saving on statement decor pieces that you can score for just $1. Here are some of TikTok’s best dollar store decor hacks that’ll upgrade your space for a fraction of the cost.

While you may need to spend more on high-ticket items like a smart TV or mini fridge, TikTokers are sharing decor hacks that will be a lifesaver for your wallet as you take your dorm from boring to bliss. With a little time and the help of a hot glue gun, these hacks will let you bring your cottagecore, light academia, or Y2K-inspired visions to life, albeit with some unusual tools like a hula hoop. However, the results are well-worth it. For example, one hack transforms your blank wall into the plant propagation station of your daydreams, while another gives you a colorful place to write down affirmations, and a “Be Back Later” note to your roommate.

The best part? Every TikTok dollar store decor hack costs a fraction of what it would if you purchased a similar item from a major retailer, and the DIY project can be a sweet way to bond with your new BFFs, too. (Crafting night, anyone?) Get started by picking one of these hacks that suits your aesthetic and grabbing all the #necessary supplies from your closest dollar store.

A Message Board Made With A Picture Frame

Leaving notes for yourself or your roommate is a lot more fun with a message board made from a picture frame. TikToker created one by painting the glass backing of a frame with blue and gold paint. After putting the glass back in the frame, you can write on the other side with a white board marker. It’s that simple.

A Coffee Carousel That’s Absolutely Genius

A cup of coffee is essential before you head to your 8 a.m. class. If you need somewhere to store your coffee pods, try this coffee carousel from @kaylancody, which is made with pie pans, napkin holders, and more from a dollar store. Place it on a corner of your desk for easy access.

A Marble Art Print That Honestly Looks Luxe

While Target, Society6, and Etsy can be great spots to find art for your college dorm, you can also make your own with marble printed fabric and picture frames from your dollar store. In this video, TikToker @tamarabradshaw_home shows you how to make one in just a few simple steps. TBH, the result looks so luxe, and would definitely add to the wall near your bed.

A Headboard To Make Your Space More Cozy

There are multiple ways to spice up your bed in your dorm room. You can purchase bed risers, which also adds storage space below for a mini fridge and shoes. You can also make your own headboard like TikToker @emilyrayna. If you need some inspiration, take points from her two dollar store-style headboards: one made with rustic placemats from Walmart, and another made with frames. To create the placemat version, the TikTok user suggests using twine to fill in the gaps; to create the picture frame version, some spray paint could really make it pop. For both, you’ll also need a hot glue gun and a foam board.

A Mirror That’s A Total Urban Outfitters Dupe

The mirrors at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are cute, but expensive. For that reason, many TikTokers try to either find or create dupes. If you want to go the DIY route, this Bohemian mirror, created by TikToker @lonefoxhome, starts as a wreath ring from the dollar store before turning into an amazing piece for your dorm. The paper cording is sure to blend with a light academia look.

A Stylish Shelf Made From A Hula Hoop

Believe it or not, some of the best home decor hacks on TikTok start with random items like a hula hoop. Case in point: TikToker @juniperpointdesignco uses two from the dollar store to create a shelf that can hold tiny vases, a message board, or pictures of your friends from home. After painting them and attaching planks of wood with a drill, this TikTok user also shows how to style the DIY shelf.

A Plant Propagation Station That Nobody Would Expect

You probably want to take your plant buds to college, but aren’t sure if they’d survive living in your low-light dorm room. Instead of filling your space with larger plants, make a propagation station on your wall with pencil holders. TikToker @ystreetstudio gives you the step-by-step process, including how to jazz the stations up with accent colors. As the viral TikTok sound goes, “Nobody is going to know.”

A Set Of Shelves For Holding Your Skin Care Products

If you have your own bathroom or a getting-ready space in your dorm, this dollar store decor hack is a lifesaver for when you need more shelving. TikToker @toitakeover glues together wooden boxes, puts a few coats of paint on them, and then hangs up the new piece like a shelf. You can use the project to give you more space for skin care products, makeup, jewelry, or whatever else you want to store.

A Cute Couch That Literally Costs $5

Finding a couch for just a few bucks is unheard of, but TikToker @hippie_grem got an adorable clear couch at Five Below for — you guessed it — $5. It’s the perfect size for one or two BFFs to sit on and watch a show, or to take pictures with before heading out for a night in the city. It also requires zero crafting unless you want to add your own unique touches by painting it.

A Pack Of Sticky Tile To Dress Up Your Bathroom

Take it from an alum: dressing up your bathroom, if you have your own for the semester or year, is #necessary. It allows you to unwind after taking exams in a space that feels like a spa. One easy and wallet-friendly way to do that is with adhesive tile, as shown by TikToker @t8terqueen. This sticky tile can be installed near your sink or towel rack, and is super dorm-friendly because you won’t damage the walls.