These Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes Are Less Than Half The Price

Courtesy of Anthropologie

If I'd gotten my Hogwarts letter and stood in front of the Mirror of Erised, the result would be an infinite image of me staring into another mirror — the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror. The viral mirror, available in four different sizes, is a versatile one, combining the best of vintage eclectic, art deco, modern, and even Parisian or Victorian design styles with its careful gold framing and ornate arches and corners. If it didn't cost upward of $1,500, three would be on their way to my apartment. Luckily, most of these Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror dupes are less than half that price.

According to the Anthropologie website, there are 10 total variations of the Gleaming Primrose Mirror ($498-$1,548, Anthropologie). In the gold colorway, the original mirror is available in 3 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet heights. The silver colorway (which veers close to a pewter shade) comes in 3-, 5-, and 7-foot options, as does the antique black colorway. The smallest mirror retails for $498, while the largest size is $1,548. Both of those numbers make me want to throw up. Several similar mirror options out there retail for significantly less and feature a similar design, albeit a bit smaller in size. Read on for less-expensive dupes for Anthro's Gleaming Primrose Mirror, as well as a budget-friendly way to DIY the larger-sized option.

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Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes: Buy And Go

The following mirrors are the most immediate dupes for Anthropologie's Gleaming Primrose Mirror. No need for a DIY on your part; just buy, style in your home, and get read for all the mirror selfies.

At 30 inches tall, this pick might not make for the best floor mirror, but it will absolutely be a cost-effective, beautiful dupe to hang on your wall.

This PB Teen mirror looks so similar in appearance to the Gleaming Primrose Mirror, it's full-length, and it's significantly less expensive than a full-length version of the original.

Singer, interior designer — what can't Kelly Clarkson do??? This wall mirror features a similar French silhouette to Gleaming Primrose, but can sit vertically or horizontally.

This Lulu and Georgia option works atop mantels, dressers, and sofas alike, but also makes a standout element in a large gallery wall.

This dupe has it all: an incredibly similar look to the original, gorgeous scroll detailing, and a price point that's well under $200.

Another incredibly visually similar dupe for Gleaming Primrose, this West Mirrors option is on the pricier side, but compares decently in size to the original.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupes: Buy And DIY

With a little DIYing, the below floor mirrors can easily give the Gleaming Primrose Mirror a run for its money. Purchasing an ornate wood appliqué from a craft store, like this MUXSAM 4-piece Wood Appliqué Onlay ($26.99, Amazon), some antique gold paint, and a heavy-duty adhesive to adhere the appliqué to the arches and corners is cost-effective and low-lift.

With a floral wood appliqué on the top of this beauty from Urban Outfitters, fool your followers into thinking you just went on an Anthro shopping spree.

A slimmer floor-length option, this mirror is the perfect pick for smaller spaces. The thick gold frame and double-arched edges are just *chef's kiss*.

With a thin, clean frame, adding a larger appliqué directly to the top of this arched, full-length mirror perfectly merges maximalism with minimalism.