Quotes from 'Stranger Things' make for great and spooky Halloween captions.

These Stranger Things Quotes Will Give Your Halloween Pics An Edge

We rate them an Eleven out of 10.

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Halloween is the perfect time to channel your favorite horror movies and shows, including Stranger Things. Since it was released in 2016, the show has been a hub for iconic looks that your best friends will totally recognize on Oct. 31, including Mrs. Weiler’s sweatband look (and overall ‘80s mom aesthetic), Argyle’s printed pants and hat, Angela’s pink classroom look, or Angela and her friends at Rink-O-Mania. Not to mention, any of the Stranger Things quotes for Halloween captions below would complement an edgy IG post.

They come straight from the spookiest and funniest scenes from the show, like Yuri’s entire cocky plane ride sequence or Eleven and Vecna’s telepathic rematch. Stranger Things’ intense fourth season left fans with so many questions and theories, we know a few things about the show’s fifth season, and these quotes will get you and your pals in the Halloween spirit. They might even inspire your itinerary for the night, and encourage you to marathon the show after having a photoshoot in your costumes.

To kick things off, first decide on the costume you want to wear. You can be a witch, zombie, or teenager in the ‘80s — it’s totally up to you. These Stranger Things quotes for Halloween captions go well with any costume, whether it includes suspenders, a scrunchie, or a box of Eggos. Some might even rate them an Eleven out of 10.

  1. “How many children are you friends with?” — Robin
  2. “Powered by wind. Very useful in the apocalypse.” — Dustin
  3. “It’s this stupid hat. I’m telling you, it’s totally blowing my best feature.” — Steve
  4. “I think everybody’s on edge.” — Hopper
  5. “There’s more to life than stupid boys.” — Max
  6. “I’m just curious why, all of a sudden, you look like some kind of MTV punk.” — Hopper
  7. “It’s like, like you’re dormant. And then, when he needs you, you’re activated.” — Will
  8. “This is her new style. What do you think?” — Max
  9. “Sling ice cream, behave, and don’t get beat up.” — Robin
  10. “You can’t spell ‘America’ without ‘Erica.’” — Erica
  11. “She knows her abilities better than any of us.” — Nancy
  12. “I just got the chills. From this float, not your speech.” — Erica
  13. “Against that thing? She’s gonna need some backup.” — Lucas
  14. “You’re gonna have an awesome scar. You’ll look even more badass.” — Mike
  15. “B*tchin.’” — Eleven
  16. “Keep saying my name, see what happens.” — Erica
  17. “I repeat, this is a code red.” — Dustin
  18. “Why is no one else wearing costumes?” — Dustin
  19. “Stop talking. You’re going to get us killed.” — Lucas
  20. “You’ve always been my favorite.” — Nancy
  21. “Friends don’t lie.” — Eleven
  22. “I made you a new mixtape.” — Jonathan
  23. “Mouth breather?” — Eleven
  24. “We are talking about the destruction of our world as we know it.” — Lucas
  25. “The only way to get there is through a rip of time and space.” — Mike
  26. “I just know things now. Things I never did before.” — Will
  27. “You’re not falling in love with this girl, are you?” — Steve
  28. “This isn’t D&D. This is real life.” — Mike
  29. “I miss playing board games every night, making triple-decker Eggo extravaganzas at sunrise.” — Hopper
  30. “They’re teenagers... It’s just what they do.” — Joyce
  31. “Don’t try to be heroes. There is no shame in running.” — Eddie
  32. “You’ve broken everything.” — Vecna
  33. “Dear Billy, I don’t even know if you can hear this. Ever since you left, everything’s been a total disaster. For a while, we tried to be happy, normal. I know that’s impossible.” — Max
  34. “A war is coming.” — Sam Owens
  35. “I don’t have my powers.” — Eleven
  36. “You received a doll in the mail, and it’s creepy.” — Yuri
  37. “We are nerds and freaks!” — Dustin
  38. “Actually, I think it’s a felony.” — Nancy

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