The best 'Schitt's Creek'-inspired boo basket ideas revolve around fan-favorite characters like Davi...
These Schitt’s Creek-Inspired Boo Baskets Will Be Wildly Popular With Your BFFs

Some may even say beloved.

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As a loyal fan of Schitt’s Creek, you never miss out on an opportunity to celebrate the show. That’s why you’ve already secured a statement sweater, gold “A” necklace, or a colorful wig for Halloween so you and your friends can dress up like the cast and turn the spookiest night of the year into the Schitt-iest one. If you want to up the ante on the festivities, you’ll want to peruse these Schitt’s Creek-inspired boo basket ideas for Halloween that’ll be wildly popular with your besties — or even beloved.

Each of the Schitt’s Creek boo basket idea below draws inspiration from one aspect of the sitcom and completely runs with it, whether it be the hilarious “fold in the cheese” scene that took over TikTok in 2020, the slightly pretentious vibe of Rose Apothecary, or the cinnamon buns that are served at the Rosebud Motel every morning. Recreate the one scene that’ll make your bestie smile the most or pull ideas from each of these options to create a basket that’s “a little bit” of everything Schitt’s Creek.

After you and your BFFs swap your gifts, you can watch your fave episodes, learn the dance from Cabaret, or have a Rose-y photo shoot in your costumes (sorry, we’re not doing “rose-y,” right?). However, you’ll want to start your Halloween countdown by checking out each of these Schitt’s Creek boo basket ideas and putting together one that’s as cute as a bébé crow.

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The Moira Rose Basket

It’s hard not to love Moira Rose. The Daytime Emmy-nominated actress, queen of wigs, and only professional singer in the Rose family is perfectly dramatic and fashionable. Your BFF who’s a total Moira fan will love a basket filled with a Moira Rose prayer candle (Etsy, $12), a cheese board (Crate & Barrel, $17), and a bottle of rosé (McBride Sisters Collection, $20). It’s not fruit wine, but it is definitely much tastier. Plus, to spice up this gift, you can toss in a wig.

The Rose Apothecary Basket

Chances are one of your BFFs has sent a text in the group chat saying, “I wish we could actually go to Rose Apothecary.” Any Schitt’s fan would agree, and definitely enjoy this basket that’s filled with products the apothecary would likely sell. First, there’s the Rose Apothecary tote bag (Etsy, $18), which can accompany your bestie when they run errands or go thrifting. Then, there’s a texture smoothing cream (cocokind, $20), which is surely part of the nine-step skincare routine David does twice a day, and a planter set (KonMari, $18) that would totally fit in with the store’s neutral color scheme.

The Jazzagals Basket

It’s an honor to be a part of the Jazzagals, as Schitt’s Creek fans learned in the episode where Johnny joined the group for a day. A musical friend who also stans Jocelyn, Ronnie, and the other gals may enjoy a basket inspired by the group — complete with a karaoke microphone (Urban Outfitters, $30), a friendship card (Aya Paper Co., $5), and a Poison T-shirt (Forever21, $11). We really hope Jocelyn makes it to that concert one day.

The “Little Bit Alexis” Basket

Alexis Rose never fails to make you smile. Not only does she have the best stories to tell, but she also gives the best advice to Twyla, David, and her parents. The “Little Bit Alexis” basket will make your bestie smile, since it’s jam-packed with gold hoop earrings (Ana Luisa, $47), a sea turtle anklet (Pura Vida Bracelets, $20), and Schitt’s Creek pencils (Etsy, $10) that can hang with your BFF during their own education journey.

The Rosebud Motel Basket

On Halloween, your bestie can check into the Rosebud Motel with this gift basket, which is complete with cinnamon bun pancake mix (World Market, $6), and a watercolor print you can hang in your room (Etsy, $17). You can even toss a cozy towel (Parachute, $29) into this basket as an ode to David and Stevie. It’s hard to believe that the first time they met, David was asking Stevie for a towel so he could wash the town off of him. Oh, how things changed by the time the final episode rolled around.