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Halloween 2021 Captions Have Entered The Chat And They’re Super Spooky

And just like that, it’s almost Oct. 31.

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It’s officially time to start thinking about Halloween. While it may feel like you just celebrated New Year’s Eve, spooky season is upon us, and you need costume and caption ideas ASAP. Your best friends will be sending texts in the group chat soon (if they haven’t already) to try to plan out your costume photo shoot for Instagram. Lucky for you, these Halloween Instagram captions for 2021 will ensure you don’t have to come up with any on your own when it’s time to post.

Instead, you can focus on your costume and your plans, which will inevitably include tapping the “share” button. If you’re a huge fan of Schitt’s Creek, you may want to dress up like David Rose, which you can do with the help of a fashionable sweater and pair of statement sunglasses. If you tuned into the Olympics this summer, you may want to channel star athletes like Allyson Felix and Sunisa Lee by wearing Team USA gear. When it comes to your plans, you can host a virtual party over Zoom, complete with a cupcake decorating contest, or have a little gathering at your place.

If you are planning on celebrating with people in person, remember that there are several risk factors to keep in mind due to the ongoing pandemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Delta variant is highly contagious. Fully vaccinated people can also contract or spread it. Wearing a mask can help protect you and the people you care about — so planning a masked costume could be your best bet — as can celebrating Halloween virtually.

However you decide to celebrate, know the picture opportunities are endless, and it’s in your very best interest to gather up some Instagram caption ideas for Halloween 2021. Don’t fret, because these captions have entered the chat to make your posts super spooky.

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  1. “Not me dressing up like a vampire... again.”
  2. “Consider me spooked.”
  3. “Does this costume make me look like a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ fan?”
  4. “And just like that, it’s spooky season.”
  5. “BTE: Big Trick Energy.”
  6. “I’ve got the eye of a tiger. Literally, I’m a tiger.”
  7. “Just boo it.”
  8. “Is everyone having skele-fun tonight?”
  9. “My resting witch face is activated.”
  10. “Besties ‘til the last Halloween ever.”
  11. “There’s been some purr-anormal activity happening in my apartment.”
  12. “That’s totally ghoul of you.”
  13. “Get spooked with me.”
  14. “A haunted trail? Love this journey for us.”
  15. “This is what it would look like if two ghosts took a selfie.”
  16. “Please don’t ghost me.”
  17. “Pumpkin emoji, ghost emoji, devil emoji.”
  18. “Having a wicked good time.”
  19. “Snapchat saw my costume first.”
  20. “Tonight, this is a Halloween stan account.”
  21. “Too many pumpkins, said no one ever.”
  22. “I’m bad to the bone.”
  23. It’s like a witch’s house in here, David!” — Alexis Rose, Schitt’s Creek
  24. “Not a fan of spiders, real or fake.”
  25. “Drop your villain origin story in the comments.”

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