Winifred, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson standing together from "Hocus Pocus."

7 Halloween Costumes With Masks That Are Equal Parts Safe & Spooky

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Halloween, as you've probably heard and discussed with your friends at least a hundred times, won't be the same this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Even if you're planning a socially distanced costume party, a zoom call, or some other safe celebration, there's still one way to ensure your Halloween will still feel safe and like a holiday: opting for Halloween costumes with masks. Wearing a costume will put both you and everyone who sees you into a spooky mood, and your mask can even add to the look.

Just wearing a regular Halloween mask (like Jason) won't cut it — you can be more creative than that. Plus, it's not as safe as you think. "Do not use a costume mask (such as for Halloween) as a substitute for a cloth mask, unless it is made of two or more layers of breathable fabric that covers your mouth and nose and doesn’t leave gaps around your face," the CDC's website says. "Do not wear a costume mask over a cloth mask because it can be dangerous if the costume mask makes it hard to breathe."

You may have to get a little creative with your costume plans, but it'll all be worth it in the end. If you need a little inspiration, look no further. There are some seriously amazing Halloween costumes with matching masks that will make your costume even better. Check out some options below.

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Winifred from Hocus Pocus

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As one of the most beloved Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus' Winifred will get you immediate cred. And luckily, you can score the MidwestMerchantCo's Hocus Pocus Face Mask ($6, Etsy), which has her iconic lips and front teeth on it. It'll even save you the time of having to do half of your makeup.

Jack O'Lantern

A Jack O'Lantern is a classic spooky season look that you can do easily or go all out with. But now, rather than spend hours trying to figure out how to pull off the smile through makeup, you can just toss on Fizzgig's Crazy Pumpkin Mouth Mask ($13, Redbubble). Pair it with an orange shirt or dress, and you're done.


Summit Entertainment

You can also pull off the timeless Halloween look of a vampire this year without having to wear any annoying, plastic teeth, thanks to Ambiature's Vampire Face Mask ($10, Etsy). With so many different vampires in pop culture, you really have your pick of the litter when it comes to your costume. Riding off the Twilight renaissance that's going on right now, I'd say newborn Bella is a solid choice.

Facehuggers Victim

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Alien is one of the most suspenseful SciFi horror movies ever made, and you can capture the most dramatic scene with Unzipyourmask's Xenomorph Face Mask ($24, Etsy). If you want to go full Sigourney Weaver, you should opt for a pair of gray coveralls.

Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

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You may be relating to Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas more now than ever due to her desire to leave the house. And to celebrate this homebound hero, you can get the Tim Burton ragdoll look with Fongang's Sally Mask ($9, Etsy). For a couple's costume, you can even find Jack Skellington masks, too.

The Silence of the Lambs Movie Cover

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Hello, Clarice. To channel you absolute creepiest vibes while chilling and watching scary movies this October, you can get your Silence of the Lambs on with LoveDrunkGifts' Handmade Face Mask ($15, Etsy). Clarice Starling usually wears a simple blazer with a white, long-sleeve t-shirt under it, so you can also be a little cozy this Halloween.


Since sirens are known for their singing, covering your mouth with a scale-y looking mask like Fatcorgimasks' Iridescent Mermaid Face Mask ($15, Etsy) will give you a creative, yet kind of spooky edge. You'll also want to wear the colorful mask over and over again simply because of how gorgeous it is. There are even iridescent skirts you can buy to get the full, shiny look. Oh, and don't forget a long, colorful wig.

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