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The #GossipGirlHere TikTok Trend Will Make You Feel Like An Upper East Sider

Grab your headbands and blazers.


Great news, Upper East Siders: Gossip Girl is back, and so is the iconic opening lines from Kristen Bell, who voices the tell-all internet persona themself. If you tuned into the original series when it ran from 2007 to 2012, or streamed it in anticipation of the HBO Max reboot streaming on July 8, you can probably already quote GG right down to the “XOXO.” The #GossipGirlHere trend on TikTok will give you a chance to take on that persona yourself, and pretend you’re one of Manhattan’s coveted members.

The trend is based around a “Gossip Girl” audio clip from HBO Max. It captures Bell’s opener of the reboot, where she reminds fans that she’s the only source for gossip on the elite, and says, “Been a minute, did you miss me?” (Umm, hell yes.) TikTokers are using the audio clip to pretend they’re a part of the world of Julien Calloway, Max Wolfe, and Zoya Lott, by mouthing along to the words, dressing up in Gossip Girl-inspired outfits, and touring the filming locations in NYC.

Whether you’re a new or old fan of the show, you need to give it a try, so you can feel like a real socialite. Before filming, break out your headbands, or decide on clips you want to take in Grand Central Station, near the Empire Hotel, or with your TV. These #GossipGirlHere videos on TikTok will serve as some stellar #inspo.

This TikToker Perfectly Mouthed GG’s Iconic Lines

To get a feel for the #GossipGirlHere trend on TikTok, watch this video from @isaiahxlaurent. They show how you can mouth GG’s words to create a video that’s both fun and interesting for your followers to watch. From “hello” to “XOXO,” they’re right on time, and add in little bits of sass like a subtle eyebrow pop. It’ll have you rushing to practice the lines and film your video.

This TikToker Toured The Must-See Spots In NYC

You can go all out with your #GossipGirlHere video, as demonstrated by @alissiasaquer. They tour the city in their video, and check out filming spots like the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, and the dreamy Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, which is where Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf got married in the original series. If you’d like, hop on a plane to NYC to get this compilation for yourself and celebrate the release of the reboot.

This TikToker Rocked A Headband Like Blair

Gossip Girl may be one of the most stylish shows, well, ever. From the blazers to the headbands, it’s filled with over-the-top, fashion-forward #looks you can recreate at home. This TikToker, @monica.morales17, rocked a Blair Waldorf-inspired headband in their video. You can take a note out of their playbook, or film an entire Gossip Girl outfit montage for TikTok, with outfits inspired by the new and old cast.

This TikToker Went The Stylish And Simple Route

You don’t have to be as extra as Manhattan’s elite in your TikTok video. TikToker @omayazein, for example, took a stylish and simple approach. They mouthed GG’s lines while standing by a luxe mirror, and changed outfits halfway through to show off the characters’ vibes. First, they wore a look that would be appropriate to wear at the Constance Billard School for Girls. Then, they showed off a more glamorous ‘fit that could be good for dining, partying, or scheming.

This TikToker Really Channeled The Cast

If you’ve ever dreamed about living in the Gossip Girl world, @luanndiez shows you that this is your chance. They type on their laptop, hang on a staircase in the city, and rock the cute looks for their TikTok video. You’ll want to also scout locations, whether it be a rooftop with #views or staircase where you can pretend you’re scheming. Before you film, watch a clip or two from the reboot so you can really channel the cast.

This TikToker Recalled Their Love For The Original Series

If you gasped over Serena van der Woodsen stepping foot in Grand Central Station, you’re a long-time lover of Gossip Girl. Like TikToker @tiredteacher, you’ve been reciting iconic lines from the show for a decade, including at 2 a.m. when you’d watch the show even though you should’ve been sleeping. In their video, they capture the unconditional love fans have for the original series. Honestly, same.

This TikToker Started Streaming The Reboot

The only thing on your mind right now is the Gossip Girl reboot. TikToker @filomenadifranco wastes no time quenching their GG thirst in their video, and starts streaming the reboot that’s now on HBO Max. If you want to show your followers that you’re a Gossip Girl stan, this might be the best way to do so. Just hit play, and let the drama, gossip, and raunchy content unfold.