2 young women on the steps of The Met in NYC, one of 'Gossip Girl's filming locations.

Become Manhattan's Elite By Visiting Gossip Girl Locations In NYC

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Every fan of Gossip Girl wants to be “spotted” in NYC, eating lunch on the steps of The Met and checking into The Empire Hotel. The Gossip Girl reboot premiered on HBO Max in 2021, bringing GG to life once again. If you’re currently watching Gossip Girl Season 2, your group texts and Twitter feeds are likely filled with the latest gossip from the Upper East Side. There’s no better way to fully digest the rumors and raunchy content than to grab your best friends and take a train into Grand Central. While you’re there, check out 24 stunning locations where Gossip Girl was filmed and the drama went down.

Along with your BFFs, go shopping on Fifth Avenue for a wardrobe as enviable as Julien Calloway’s or Audrey Hope’s. You can also pretend to be a socialite while walking the skyscraper-lined streets, grabbing coffee from the same spots the Constance Billard group frequents, and going to spots where the cast actually filmed the scenes for the Gossip Girl reboot. During your trip, stop by some GG hangs from the OG series as well since most of the Gossip Girl filming locations and must-see spots are so close to each.

In true Gossip Girl fashion, most locations are on the Upper East Side, where expensive penthouses, beautiful museums, and #views of Central Park are far from rare. Obviously, there’s no guarantee you’ll see Max Wolfe getting into a car there, but you may see other Gossip Girl fans wearing headbands, taking cute selfies, and chatting about the reboot. Join the club and go to these Gossip Girl filming locations IRL.

Grand Central Terminal
89 E 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017
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Your Gossip Girl tour in NYC should start at Grand Central Terminal. For one, if you’re coming from out of state, your train will most likely pull into this historic station with eateries, places to shop, and plenty of other travelers bustling around. You can grab a sandwich or a coffee at Grand Central Market before making your way to the teal ceiling and cream steps.

This spot is where the OG Gossip Girl series began. In the pilot episode, Serena arrived in the city and stood at the top of the stairs looking out over the sea of people in the terminal. In the crowd was her future love Dan Humphrey, whom she didn’t know existed at that point. GG sent a blast, notifying Upper East Siders that Serena was back in town, and the rest is history.

You may also recognize the Campbell Apartment bar — located inside Grand Central Terminal — as the spot where Serena and Nate had their affair. Scandalous.


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