Gossip Girl Has Become The Monet De Haan Show In Season 2 & Fans Love It

She’s like the second coming of Blair Waldorf.

There’s a new queen bee running things on the Upper East Side, and she’s already made Season 2 of the Gossip Girl reboot so much spicier than the first one for many viewers. After the first two episode of the new season dropped on Dec. 1, it became immediately clear that Monet de Haan got a massive upgrade this semester. No longer on the sidelines, Julien Calloway’s former sidekick has now claimed the Constance Billard crown for herself, and all the tweets and memes about Monet’s rise to power in Gossip Girl Season 2 are proof that fans have been waiting for this for a while.

In the debut season of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot, Monet was introduced as Julien’s ambitious PR representative, with a knack for social media but no real life outside of helping Julien. While the rest of the show’s main cast stumbled into scandals, schemes, and trysts, Monet was brainstorming new ways to keep Julien on top with her fellow minion Luna La. Fans were begging for Monet to get more of a spotlight all season long, and thankfully, the writers listened.

Season 2 is the Monet de Haan show at long last. Finally fed up with Julien’s newfound apathy toward social status, Monet decided to snag the crown for herself at the end of Season 1, and Season 2 is an all-out Julien vs. Monet showdown. And this battle already made the first two episodes so much more dramatic, surprising, and hilarious than all of Season 1... at least, that’s what some fans think. The reason for that? Not only is Monet embracing her delicious mean-girl role in a way Julien never did, but the dynamic is also a throwback to what made classic Gossip Girl so juicy. In Monet, fans finally have a menacing Blair Waldorf figure to go against Julien’s Serena van der Woodsen. Monet even made that comparison for herself at the end of Episode 2 after tricking Julien into getting involved in her drama: “You can’t be Blair without a Serena.”

It may have taken a season to get here, but now it’s Monet’s world, and GG fans are very happy to be living in it.

Witness even more of Monet’s iconic rise to power as new episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2 drop Thursdays on HBO Max.