The cast of HBO Max's 'Gossip Girl' reboot may remind fans of the original 'Gossip Girl' characters.

Here's Which Original Gossip Girl Character Each Reboot Character Is Most Like

Because you've definitely wondered which one is the new Serena.

by Dylan Kickham

A new batch of Upper East Siders may be creating scandal all over New York City, but for fans of the original Gossip Girl, many of the new characters might seem a bit familiar. The style, slang, and social media may all be drastically different, but each character in the reboot carries a spark of what made the original Gossip Girl so special. If you’ve been watching the reboot and asking yourself which newbie is the most like Serena and who is the new Dan, then this breakdown comparing the Gossip Girl reboot characters to the originals is exactly what you need.

Fans were all first introduced to a salacious group of NYC troublemakers back in 2007, and just like Gossip Girl herself, nobody could take their eyes off the fashion-forward drama-creators. It-girl Serena van der Woodsen was a fashion icon without even trying, while her headband-clad bestie Blair Waldorf ruled over the elite social circle with an iron fist. Privileged golden boy Nate Archibald, philandering egotist Chuck Bass, and bookish outsider Dan Humphrey carried their weight in the unbelievable drama department as well, along with Dan’s social-climbing kid sister Jenny and his on-again, off-again ex Vanessa. Basically, they were the perfect storm for all sorts of relationship rollercoasters, which was spurred on by the mysterious Gossip Girl posting about their every move.

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Now, a new cast of characters has taken over the Upper East Side (and beyond), and although they are definitely very different from the OG cast, it’s pretty clear which character from the original show each newbie is most similar to.

1. Max Wolfe is Chuck Bass

HBO Max/The CW

Let’s start with the most obvious comparison: Max is pretty much exactly who Chuck would be if he was taken from 2007 and placed into 2021. Both rich boys seemingly only care about getting laid and nothing else. Max’s pansexuality is both a welcome and very believable update to the heterosexual Chuck. Basically, Max is Gen Z Chuck to a T.

2. Julien Calloway is Serena van der Woodsen

HBO Max/The CW

Serena was the original influencer, and Julien represents what being an influencer means in 2021. Just like Serena effortlessly managed to always be the name on everyone’s lips, Julien has a natural ability to steal the spotlight while still maintaining a brand of likability and relatability. Julien’s queen bee status and tendency toward revenge at times may remind some fans more of Blair, but her true power lies in her status as NYC’s undisputed “it girl,” which is something she shares with Serena.

3. Obie Bergmann IV is Dan Humphrey

HBO Max/The CW

Just like Serena had Dan, Julien has an outsider-y boyfriend to challenge her privilege as well. The big difference between Obie and Dan is that Obie is the wealthiest member of his friend group, while Dan was looked down upon by the others for being the poorest. But their important similarity is that they share the same ideology: Both Obie and Dan are more interested in important causes than material things and they work toward making their egotistical friends look outside themselves more.

4. Audrey Hope is Blair Waldorf

HBO Max/The CW

Preppy, high-status, straight-A students with relationship issues? Audrey and Blair are two peas in a pod. Although Audrey has yet to fire off anything close to one of Blair’s characteristic cutting insults, she shares her predecessor’s penchant for put-together style (minus the headband) and also has a complex relationship with her famous mom. Her struggle to choose between a sweet if bland boyfriend and an exciting bad boy is also very Blair.

5. Zoya Lott is Jenny Humphrey... and Vanessa Abrams

HBO Max/The CW

The reboot character who least cleanly fits into the old GG mold is Zoya, the bright-eyed newcomer who’s more interested in charity drives than fashion shows. Zoya embodies important characteristics of both Vanessa and Jenny. Like Vanessa, Zoya can see through the materialistic BS and is more devoted to giving back than taking. But like Jenny, she’s also younger and has a knack for climbing up the social ladder. This is a scary combo, since Vanessa and Jenny were both powerful opponents to the existing power structure in the original GG, so expect Zoya to really stir things up.

6. Aki Menzies is Nate Archibald

HBO Max/The CW

Aki fills the role of the low-key, usually drama-free boyfriend that Nate played in the original. Like Nate, Aki is laid back and pretty much goes with the flow of what everyone else is doing. Notably, Nate had a lot more family drama and personality than viewers have seen from Aki so far, but the reboot is still just getting started, so he’s sure to open up more in time.

7. Monet de Haan and Luna La are Blair’s Minions

HBO Max/The CW

Julien may not exactly correspond to Blair, but her social media manager and stylist are clear echoes of Blair’s minions. Like Blair’s gaggle of headband-wearing mean girls, Monet and Luna build Julien up and do all her dirty work, taking down anyone who would dare try to take her spot at the top. Thankfully, Monet and Luna seem like they will be much more fleshed out characters than the original minions, so fans will hopefully get to see them become more than just Julien’s lackeys.

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