'Stranger Things': The Experience, touring the US in 2022, takes fans into the spooky world of Hawki...

A Stranger Things Pop-Up Is Touring The US, And It Looks Spooky AF

Welcome to Hawkins Lab IRL.

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The fourth season of Stranger Things was confirmed what feels like ages ago. Now finally, the first part of Season 4 Stranger Things is coming to Netflix May 27. In preparation for the new drop, you’ve likely formulated your own theories surrounding Eleven’s dark past, Hopper’s mysterious whereabouts, and what *actually* happened under the Starcourt Mall. Every teaser just makes you want to dive back into the spooky world of Hawkins, Indiana, and now you can. Strangers Things: The Experience is here, and it looks like a scary good time.

Stranger Things: The Experience is similar to other experiential pop-ups you may have attended lately, like The FRIENDS Experience. It’ll immerse you in your favorite TV show, before setting up shop in another city. The first stop for the Stranger Things experience is New York, which opens its doors to the Upside Down on May 13. Any fans on the West Coast can check out the experience in San Francisco when it opens June 8, and the Stranger Things experience is expected to make its way to other cities later this year as well.

Like the actual show, the pop-up still has a few mysteries up its sleeve, but here’s everything we do know about Stranger Things: The Experience, including how to get tickets and what to wear:


What You Can Expect From Stranger Things: The Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to step foot in the Stranger Things universe, this pop-up will make your dream a reality. When you enter Stranger Things: The Experience, you’ll first visit Hawkins Plaza. This is where you’ll quickly realize things are not as they seem, and you’ll make your way to Hawkins Lab. In the lab, you’ll be invited to be a part of a new study where you’ll get to find out if you’re able to survive the Upside Down. Warning: Things may get spooky as Demogorgans are always lurking around the Upside Down. While watching your back, you and your friends will need to unlock your Eleven-like powers to save the town.

Once you’ve made it out alive, you’ll get to explore an immersive shopping hub called the Mix-Tape that is similar to the Starcourt Mall. This is where you can visit some iconic Stranger Things’ locations, like Scoops Ahoy, Family Video, and the Palace Arcade. You’ll not only get to visit these locations, but you can actually order an ice cream sundae like the USS Butterscotch to enjoy and try to beat Max’s score on the arcade games.

Aside from your escape room-like adventure in the Upside Down, the pop-up will also have tons of photo opportunities (so get your IG ready), like the Byers’ living room with the iconic Christmas lights and even an ‘80s-style photo booth. For anyone 21 and over, you can also enjoy the Stranger Things Bar, which will be serving cocktails inspired by the show.

Courtesy of Stranger Things: The Experience

The entire experience was actually developed by the same people who created Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience in 2020. If you attended that event, this one may feel familiar in a way. You’re encouraged to wear a Stranger Things-inspired look and pencil out an hour or so of your day as the experience is about 45 minutes long. The event is also recommended for anyone 13 and up, so you may want to leave your younger family members at home.

How To Get Tickets To Stranger Things: The Experience

Courtesy of Stranger Things: The Experience

Head to the Stranger Things: The Experience website, and click the red “Tickets” button. You’ll be able to select a date, time slot, and location on Fever. Tickets start at $44 per person, if you’re purchasing a standard ticket. Prices may vary depending on the day and time slot you choose with weekends being a little more expensive. There’s also an option for a group bundle starting at $35 per person if you’re going with six or more people. The Stranger Things experience also has VIP tickets that will get you a complimentary drink, Stranger Things gift, and front-of-the-line treatment during your chosen time slot. VIP tickets start at $72 per person, and $57 per person if you go with the bundle price.

The experience is open Wednesday through Sunday with time slots available every half hour, and tickets are available now for both NYC and San Francisco. The New York pop-up is happening at the Duggal Greenhouse in Brooklyn, while the San Francisco location will be at Skylight at The Armory. Any questions about your tickets can be answered on the FAQ tab. You can also nominate your city, if it’s not on the list yet, by interacting with the city names under the website’s map.

If you’re a big Stranger Things fan who can’t wait to marathon-watch Season 4 as soon as it’s available on Netflix, this experience is for you and is sure to be a spooky good time.

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