Eleven in 'Stranger Things' Season 3

This 'Stranger Things 4' Theory About Eleven's Past Is Super Dark

by Ani Bundel

It's been nearly two years since Stranger Things Season 3 premiered on Netflix. The long gap between seasons has left fans with not much else to do by try to theorize what could be coming in Season 4. There's been little to go on since the initial teaser dropped in early 2020, but with the one-two punch of teasers that came out in early May, at last, fans have a glimpse at the promise of new horror elements. This Stranger Things 4 theory about Eleven's past suggests the show may return to its roots with a vengeance.

Stranger Things' initial premise was the story of a missing boy and a girl with psychic powers who sacrifices herself to save Hawkins and her friends. But with a second season greenlit before the show premiered and Millie Bobby Brown such a talent, the series changed course. Eleven would merely disappear rather than die, leaving room for her to return (which, obviously, she did).

The basic idea of Eleven is that she possesses super powerful extrasensory perception. The series has so far used this for her to communicate and open doorways between multiverses: the "real world" and the "Upside-Down." But although the series has hinted her abilities can be deadly, it's never explored how far her powers go. Moreover, other than "Eight," who Eleven met in Season 2, it's never explained what happened to her other experimental siblings.

But all that may change soon. This new Stranger Things teaser, released on May 6, gives a glimpse at life inside Dr. Brenner's labs, which fans are guessing is a flashback to Eleven's old life and a hint it will be explored further:

But it's the "teaser to the teaser" called "HNL Control Room," which was released on May 5, that brings the whole theory together.

Compare how the rainbow room from the "Eleven, Are You Listening" clip compares to the shots of it in the HNL Control Room.

In the top one, viewers can see kids playing. There are, unsurprisingly, 10 in all: two on the rainbow road, one playing Plinko, two playing chess, one playing with a Magic 8-Ball, one with the blocks, and three sitting at the table. And then there's Dr. Brenner calling to Eleven in her room.

But in the HNL video, something has gone wrong. After the opening shot of Eleven's door, the images show the room empty of children. The lights are flashing and there's blood on the walls. The chess pieces are scattered, the 8-Ball is covered in blood.

Fans believe this is a memory of what happened to Eleven's numbered siblings. But that leads to a whole new set of questions: Did she cause their deaths directly? Or was this a product of her opening the Upside-Down? Was she merely the lucky one who survived?

The song playing in the teaser, by the way, is an aria from the 1786 French opera Nina, ou La Folle Par Amour (Nina, or The Woman Crazed With Love). The song's title is "Quand Le Bein-Amié Reviendra," which translates to "When My Sweetheart Returns To Me." With Matthew Modine (who plays Brenner in the sereis) confirmed for the new season, could Eleven be reuniting with Brenner and exploring her past? Moreover, will Eleven's powers be pushed in a new and dangerous direction, one that could cause the deaths of dozens, if not thousands?

Fans will have to wait for the release of Stranger Things 4, which is in production now.