Eleven and Max in Netflix's 'Stranger Things' poke their head around a wall in the Starcourt Mall.

'Stranger Things' "Drive-Into Experience" Is A Spooky Return To Hawkins


It's been a minute since our screens have been graced with the secretive and spooky drama of Hawkins, Indiana. But that doesn't mean you're any less curious about where Hopper is, or if Eleven will channel her powers once again to save the small town and her dear friends. In fact, you likely think about the potential plot of the next season on the reg, and read up on fans' theories. You can turn your fandom daydreams into a true experience in fall 2020, thanks to the Stranger Things "The Drive-Into Experience."

This experience (although, hopefully not the Upside Down) is coming to Downtown L.A. and is promising to immerse you in the thrills you adore so much. According to the official event website, you'll hear untold stories and discover secrets nobody has heard before. It's not clear if you'll get the details on Barb, but you'll want to go just to be safe and to later share them in the group chat with your other Stranger Things-loving pals. In preparation for this event, you'll actually want to re-watch every season, too, so you know what story holes could still be filled and have a better idea of what to expect.

As for the logistical details of the event, the tea is all here so you can snag a spot and have this experience with your BFFs. Grab your scrunchie, bike, and walkie-talkie. You'll want to give your friends the scoop right after you're done reading this piece.


First things first: Stranger Things "The Drive-Into Experience" is created by Netflix in partnership with Fever, the one-stop shop for finding loads of experiences in your city or area, and SecretCinema. The official event page notes that you'll have the entire experience right from the comfort of your car — which is extremely convenient and thoughtful during this time of a global pandemic and social distancing. While you remain in your car throughout the duration of the event, you'll experience the full effect of visuals and audio that you'll never forget.

Essentially, the experience will put you in the shoes of Eleven, Max, Will, Mike, Lucas, or Dustin. You'll be transported back to 1985, when fashion and music looked quite different than it does nowadays, and there wasn't a single iPhone in sight. Along with your own real-life crew, you'll cruise to what you'll recognize as the Starcourt Mall from Season 3, where the experience will begin.

According to the official event page, you'll leave with the super real and dark truth of the town. Once again, whether or not this experience will expose what happened to Barb is unclear. But, if you're still not over the disappearance of your favorite character from Season 1, then it can't hurt to cross your fingers and hope for the best.


So, how do you attend with your thrill-seeking BFFs? Right now, there's a waitlist for everyone to join in order to get access to tickets. To join it, head to the official event website, and tap the button that says "Join the Waitlist!" You'll be directed to Fever, where you'll need to sign up for an account.

The experience starts in October 2020, but tickets will begin to go on sale on Aug. 26 at 12 p.m. PST. The event itself will last over an hour and you will need to travel to a central location in DTLA to attend. It's recommended that fans who attend are 12 and older, and you should be prepared for an amazing lineup of special effects. Tickets start at $59 per car, and can be split among you and your friends if you want to make the experience a little cheaper. (Splitting the cost must be done on your own.)

Don't waste another minute and put your name on the waitlist, as you know this secret-filled event will be a great way to kick off spooky season. Not to mention, it'll let you dive into the world of Hawkins, Indiana, and return to the strange, yet spectacular scenes you love.