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12 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like A Hotel Using Etsy Products

Everything is $75 or less.

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The first time you walk into your new dorm room, you may feel a little underwhelmed. The twin-sized bed, wooden desk, and small closet are anything but aesthetic, and chances are the walls look like can be found under the definition of “boring.” On the flip side, this means your home-away-from-home is ready for a glow-up inspired by a luxe hotel stay. If you want to make your dorm room feel like a hotel (without breaking the bank), this dorm room makeover guide will help you transform your space with Etsy products under $75.

With this guide in-hand, you can transform the entire space or, if you have a roomie, just your corner of the room. It’s all a matter of what you and your roommate are comfortable with, and how much work you want to put in on move-in day. Hanging up picture frames, lights, and a headboard isn’t necessarily an east feat. But, it will be worth it when you come home after a long day of classes, and are instantly transported to a boutique hotel in New York or a Bohemian suite in Los Angeles. You’ll probably have no trouble unwinding in this space that naturally romanticizes every moment of your life.

Luckily, you can create this type of space while sticking to a budget (because books are not cheap). This guide is here to show you how to make your dorm room feel like a hotel with Etsy products that are $75 or less. Dive into it for all the chic, colorful, and cozy vibes.

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Dress Up Your Bed With Stylish Pillows

Chances are you’ve probably already picked up a comforter that’ll tie the whole room together. To make your dorm feel like a hotel, make sure you pick up a statement throw pillow, too. This cloud-shaped pillow ($43, Etsy) will give your bed layers once it’s made, as well as a pop of trendy color. Plus, it can be a cozy addition to an afternoon nap.

Put A Stack Of Coasters On Your Desk

When you’re studying for exams or completing an essay, putting your iced coffee on a coaster will make you feel organized and adult AF. However, you don’t have to settle for cork coasters that remind you of your classroom. Macrame coffee coasters ($25, Etsy) exist, and they’re just as artsy as you’d find at your favorite hotel or Airbnb. Place a stack next to your desk lamp and sticky notes so they’re always on display and double as a decor piece.

Add Personalized Pencils To A Thrifted Jar

An easy way to give your dorm room personality and pizazz is to put personalized pencils in a thrifted jar. Not only is the jar one-of-a-kind, but so are the writing utensils that are decorated with inspirational messages. These “I Am Strong” pencils ($8, Etsy) might bring you back to a hotel stay where the hotel’s name was emblazoned on the pens and pencils sitting on the desk. It’s a nice touch, and it’s so inexpensive to do.

Give Your Bed A Macrame Headboard

It’s a must to make your bed as cozy as possible. You can do so by purchasing a thick matress topper, stack of pillows, and a macrame headboard ($70, Etsy) that looks like it could be from a luxe hotel in Tulum. The headboard will cover up the wooden frame of the bed that’s quite #basic, and instead make your sleeping spot feel complete. This one, in particular, hangs from the wall and can be easily installed, adjusted, and taken down.

Hang Your Favorite Mugs On A Rack

Most hotel rooms have a little coffee station for you to enjoy when you wake up in your new destination. Take a note out of their playbook, and add this coffee mug stand ($40, Etsy) to a corner of your dorm room. Beside it, you can place a basket of coffee essentials, like K-cups, sugar packets, and stirring sticks. Just don’t forget to stash oat milk in your mini fridge.

Stock Up On Tiny Bathroom Products

Your bathroom caddy is jam-packed with your favorite products, so why not stock up on clay mask samples ($3, Etsy) and tiny lotions so you can spice up your routine? You may be surprised at how this simple act rejuvenates your mind before an 8 a.m. class and even adds to a self-care night with your roomies. Not to mention, you can enjoy these mini products while wearing a fluffy hotel-inspired white robe.

Install A Sconce Next To Your Bed

The lighting in a dorm room can be rather bleak. By hanging a sconce next to your bed, you’ll have a warmer atmosphere to look forward to. This plug-in pendant light ($48, Etsy) is easy to install in a dorm room because it’s powered by a standard outlet. Just be sure to purchase the accessories, like the ceiling hooks, cable organizers, or a lamp shade, to make it all come together.

Style A Tray Table With Books

After making your bed every day, you can make your dorm feel like a hotel by adding a styled tray table ($75, Etsy) on top. On this tray table, you can keep your planner, coffee table books, and even a fake plant that adds a touch of greenery. At night, you can use this tray table when you’re completing assignments in bed, or when you’re snacking and watching a show on Netflix.

Drape A Throw Blanket Over A Chair

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a throw blanket. Not only is this piece functional, but it’s also effective at adding color and texture to your space. This rust throw blanket ($60, Etsy), for example, can be draped over your desk chair and contrast nicely with the harsh and plain edges of the furniture. Of course, it can also be slipped under the tray table.

Make Room For A Funky Mirror

Believe it or not, dorm rooms usually don’t come with any kind of mirror. You need to bring your own so you can film your #OOTDs and check your look before heading off to class. Hotels will often have a full-length, statement mirror, which you can channel with this decorative cloud mirror ($29, Etsy). While it’s not big enough to see your outfit, it’s the perfect size for topping off your makeup and will be the talk of your floor.

Stash A Side Table For Study Sessions

Like a hotel room in New York City, space is quite limited in a dorm room. You want to make sure your pieces are both functional and flexible. This C-shaped side table ($62, Etsy) hits the nail on the head, as it can be brought over to a couch for study sessions and then put under a bed afterwards. You can also use the chic piece as a nighstand, display shelf, or coffee bar.

Define Your Dorm’s Signature Scent

Do you remember the episode of Emily in Paris when Emily encourages a hotel group to find their signature scent? Your dorm room also needs a signature scent that feels calm, relaxing, and totally you. This honey jasmine boba candle ($16, Etsy) might speak to your soul in more ways than one, as it’s also an adorable representation of a beloved drink. It will easily top off your dorm-turned-hotel room while costing well under $75.

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