Use one of these quotes and captions for posting your dorm room pics on Instagram.

30 Captions For Your Dorm Room, Aka Your New Home Sweet Home

Swipe to add decor.

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Your college dorm is your home away from home. It’s where you unwind after a long day of classes, study sessions, and workouts. It’s also where you and your roommates watch Gossip Girl, Loki, or Schitt’s Creek for the millionth time. While your siblings may not be down the hall like they used to be, this space can still feel safe and comfortable, thanks to all the decor you have secured. And, when you’re ready, you can show off your adorable space on social media with these dorm quotes for Instagram captions that’ll hype up your new home.

Your high school BFFs will want to see how your personal style has influenced your new space. In fact, they may already be asking if you hung up the tapestry you picked out at Urban Outfitters or put your Animal Crossing-inspired pillow on your bed. In the group chat, you may be taking and sending detail pics of your dorm to show them that the Polaroid from your beach trip has a prime spot on your desk or that you tried out a hack from TikTok for storing your snacks. On Instagram, you’ll give them the grand reveal and point out the cozy items that put you at ease, like a small bookshelf of journal and travel books, or a colorful set of string lights.

For that grand reveal, you need to be more focused on working the angles of your space than coming up with a caption to go with your post. For that reason, grab one of these captions for your dorm room pics now so you’re ready to show off your new home sweet home on social media later on.

  1. "Welcome to my home sweet home."
  2. "My dorm is bright and happy, just like me."
  3. "Just gave my dorm room the best makeover."
  4. "Can you tell an excited freshman lives here?"
  5. "I don't think I’ve seen so much school spirit in my life."
  6. "My dorm is better than your dorm."
  7. "I make dorm life look good."
  8. "Loving my new home away from home."
  9. "Not too shabby for a sophomore."
  10. “If you’re looking for a neon sign, this is it.”
  11. “Anyone wanna come over?”
  12. "I'm livin' my best life." — Cardi B, "Best Life"
  13. "Less impressing, more expressing."
  14. "My first project in college was my dorm room. Think I aced it!"
  15. "Home is where the ramen is."
  16. “POV: you just walked into my dorm room.”
  17. “Adding ‘pro dorm room decorator’ to my resume.”
  18. "Happiness is homemade."
  19. "As we evolve, our homes should, too." — Suzanne Tucker
  20. "What is done in love is done well." — Vincent van Gogh
  21. "Pick what you like, because living with a trend that is not you is never a good choice." — Thomas Pheasant
  22. "The dorm reveal you’ve all been waiting for."
  23. “The category is college.”
  24. “This is where I eat snacks and nap.”
  25. “Hey, MTV. Welcome to my dorm room.”
  26. “Swipe to add decor.”
  27. “Dorm room photo dump!”
  28. “God, it’s beautiful in here.”
  29. “Hotel or dorm room? I’ll let you decide.”
  30. “There’s no such thing as too many string lights.”

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