Young woman in a bikini, laughing at beach and sea puns while on vacation.

40 Beach Puns For Captions That Totally Seas The Day

Don't let the bad vibes tide you down.

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On any given summer day, you find yourself unintentionally quoting “Starships” by Nicki Minaj in your group chat with one simple message: “Let’s go to the beach.” Even if your besties just packed up their beach bags and put coolers with delicious snacks in your car trunk yesterday, you’re more than ready to dip your toes in the soft sand and saltwater again. Plus, you want to add more summery pics to your Instagram feed, along with some hilarious beach puns.

You may have already posed with your surfboard, or asked your bestie to take a sparkly selfie with you after you reapplied your sunscreen. That’s only the start of the #content you can get at the beach, thanks to all of the natural and neutral backdrops. With your camera in tow, you can grab snaps of your favorite drink sitting on top of your towel, and your crew running into the waves. You can hand the lens over to your creative BFF, and have them get snaps of you laying on your towel and covering your eyes, or positioning your sunglasses on your face.

The possibilities are as endless as dad jokes, which is what these beach puns will remind you of. They’re a little cliché, but give a lovely shoutout to the sea creatures, snacks, and scenic views you’re spending your summer days with. Add one to your favorite beach pic, before you tap the “share” button.

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  1. "Feeling fintastic."
  2. "Seas the day."
  3. "Tropic like it's hot."
  4. "Water you doing?"
  5. "Girls just wanna have sun."
  6. "The ocean made me salty."
  7. "That little sun of a beach."
  8. "Don't let the bad vibes tide you down."
  9. "Avoid pier pressure."
  10. "Tis the sea-sun."
  11. "Finally made it to the beach. Shell yeah."
  12. "Salty, but sweet."
  13. "Please excuse my resting beach face."
  14. "If there's a will, there's a wave."
  15. "Shell we dance?"
  16. "Lost at sea? I'm not shore."
  17. "Love the beach. Can I be any more Pacific?"
  18. "Love you to the beach and back."
  19. "Whale, hello there."
  20. "All you need is a good dose of vitamin sea."
  21. "You don’t like the ocean? Beach, please."
  22. "Are you squidding me right now?"
  23. "Life's a beach. Enjoy the waves."
  24. "I whale always love you."
  25. "Fresh to depth."
  26. "Sea you at the beach."
  27. "Stay salty, babe."
  28. "Sorry, I'm octopied."
  29. "I can sea clearly now."
  30. "Beach you to it."
  31. “I’m all tide up at the moment.”
  32. Riptides and tan lines.”
  33. Feeling breezy.”
  34. “Where my beaches at?”
  35. “Sandy Cheeks reporting for duty.”
  36. Talk to the palm.”
  37. The s’more the merrier.”
  38. Keep palm and carry on.”
  39. Beach plans never flip-flop.”
  40. You’re one in a watermelon.”

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