Emma Chamberlain poses in a colorful outfit while holding coffee bags from her new Chamberlain Coffe...

Emma Chamberlain’s New Coffee Line Is As Playful As She Is

Emma Chamberlain wants to be a barista. The YouTube star, podcast host, and influencer who can usually be spotted stirring almond milk into a cold brew says it was "kind of her dream" before her life on the Internet took off. Through cover shoots and witty videos, coffee remains a comforting constant for Chamberlain. You can see it in Chamberlain Coffee's new line which is playful and free of bullsh*t, much like the company creator herself.

The new roasts, which are officially available to purchase online starting Sunday, Sept. 27, are the completed vision of what Chamberlain imagined her coffee company to be when it first launched in December 2019. In an interview with Elite Daily, Chamberlain says the new branding and products are "almost the true birth of the company." Although you can still look forward to fair-trade, organic, and high-quality coffees, the new launch presents a full coffee experience with clever names for each blend.

"We wouldn’t have been able to create what Chamberlain Coffee is now without having it in its infancy," says Chamberlain. But, the Chamberlain Coffee team is incredibly proud of what they've put together. "This is exactly what we wanted it to look like," Chamberlain adds, in reference to the warm yet artsy color palette and the welcoming vibe of the entire launch.

Chamberlain's memory of coffee is rooted in warmer memories of the days when she was five years old and would wake up early and go with her dad on weekend caffeine runs. "When I got a little bit older, my dad and I started going to different cafés in San Francisco and just hanging out there and talking about stuff," she recalls. The line welcomes new memories made with good company and good coffee, but also the nostalgic nature and trust of the old.

Jack Strutz

Now, let's break down the four blends that'll be included in this re-launch. Each captures the vibe of a particular coffee lover, like the writer who's staying up late and the friend who likes chatting about life in the group chat. Each blend also comes with a clever animal name, including: Careless Cat (a smooth roast with beans from Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala, that would especially go well with a splash of almond milk); Night Owl (a dark roast with hints of honey and a medium amount of caffeine); Social Dog (a very full roast with a graham cracker and brown sugar flavoring); and Early Bird (a crisp blend that is sure to wake you up in the morning.)

There's also the Original Family Blend — Chamberlain Coffee's very first roast that's been slipped into new packaging for loyal fans. Each bag features a cute animal logo, with the family blend featuring all four. You can get a sneak peek of them via the GIF button in Instagram Stories.

It may be hard to pick just one, especially if you want to show all the animals some love. (Who wouldn't?) If you're in that pickle, Chamberlain advises to treat the blends much like the days-of-the-week socks you had back in third grade.

"You can either wear Tuesday on Friday, and like who cares," noting that she's currently drinking Night Owl despite the fact she's going to bed at like 10 p.m. on most days. "You can match [your coffee] to your mood if you are like kind of indecisive about what flavor you want that day. That's what I love about it." No matter which you choose, you can feel confident in the fact that it's packed with flavor, tucked into eco-friendly packaging, and will look so cute on your Instagram.

As you may have already noticed on Chamberlain Coffee's Insta, Chamberlain loves a good coffee swirl — that bit of almond milk nicely seeping through the blended beans like a watercolor painting. "There’s just never a time where it doesn’t look beautiful to me. It’s like I have a crush on it. Like, I’m in love with it. Like I would marry coffee swirls if I could," she says, before laughing and saying, "Unfortunately, they go away once you start drinking the coffee."

She suggests capturing your own for IG or putting your coffee next to a breakfast spread on your table. (Avocado toast, anyone?) The colorful AF bags of this new line would also be a nice addition and really make your photo pop. If you're more of a nighttime coffee drinker, you can try one of Chamberlain's secret combos, inspired by her dad. You can pair a hot, black cup of coffee with a piece of dark chocolate, and take a snap of the tasty details.

"Coffee with chocolate is just too good. I’ve been doing that, my dad has been doing that, since I was younger, so I just love that," she says, "And it makes me feel safe." That's really the whole jive of this line, and Chamberlain herself: making you feel safe, understood, comforted, and excited about caffeine. You'll want to shop the products right away just to get a taste of that for yourself.

Starting Sept. 27, head to the Chamberlain Coffee website and put a whole bean bag, ground bag, or 10-pack of steeped bags — all of which are $20 — in your cart. Then, get ready to follow this brand's bullsh*t-free moves.

It's also Chamberlain's dream to open a coffee shop one day. "I don’t even care if it’s in 50 years. It’s a passion project for me." You can best believe she'd be a barista there, too, whipping up cold brews for her millions of fans.