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The Solawave skin care wand in rose gold is on sale for Black Friday.

SolaWave's Black Friday 2022 Sale Is Major — Up To $149 In Savings

Get two of the TikTok viral face wands for the price of one.

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Black Friday is one of the great equalizers of the skin care world. During the year’s biggest shopping sales, regular folks can grab the skin care tools that celebrities swear by at majorly discounted prices. Case in point: SolaWave’s Black Friday sale. Normally, the techie beauty tool beloved by celebs like Doja Cat, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sydney Sweeney would bear a much heftier price tag. As of Wednesday, Nov. 16, SolaWave is slashing all its prices in half. Rather than offer up individual discounts on its bestselling beauty tools, SolaWave is delivering the ultimate BOGO deal for Black Friday.

From Nov. 16 through Nov. 30, everything on the SolaWave website is buy one, get one free. According to the brand, the only caveat on its Black Friday BOGO sale is that supplies will be limited, so you’re going to want to get in on this discount before it’s gone for good. All you need to do to start shopping SolaWave’s 2022 Black Friday sale is use code “GetOne” at checkout. The rest is up to you and the sky — or supply chain — is the limit. Go absolutely wild or, alternatively, check out the brand’s most coveted products below and add them to your Black Friday shopping list.

SolaWave is best known for its celebrity-loved light therapy wands. At $149, its Advanced Skincare Wand is the brand’s most luxurious option and uses four different technologies — microcurrent, red light, facial massage, and therapeutic warmth — to depuff, heal, and brighten skin. If acne is among your primary skin concerns, you may want to opt for the slightly more affordable Anti-Breakout Wand. For $139, you get facial massage, therapeutic warmth, and blue light therapy.

After you’ve decided on the right SolaWave wand for yourself, you still have to figure out what SolaWave goodie will make up the “get one” part of your Black Friday BOGO shopping experience. If you’re looking to splurge, you can shop the brand’s two kits, which combine its award-winning light therapy wands with its Renew Complex Serum. The Anti-Breakout Skincare Wand with Blue Light Therapy & Serum Kit costs $171 and the Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy & Serum Kit costs $181.

If, on the other hand, you’re hoping to spend less, SolaWave also has products under $100 that you can add to your BOGO deal. SolaWave’s Hydrating Sheet Mask comes in singles ($9), sets of five ($48), and sets of 10 ($90). These water-gel sheet masks are cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and vegan, and deliver lots of hydrating and plumping power thanks to avocado peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Feeling techie? Beyond its A-list-beloved sleek wands, SolaWave has a third beauty tech tool that harnesses light therapy tool: the Bye Acne 3 Minute Light Therapy Spot Treatment. This FDA-approved tool uses both red and blue light therapy to break down the bacteria that causes most types of acne. If you’ve already got all the light therapy skin care tools and sheet maks your heart desires, you can still make out like a bandit during SolaWave’s Black Friday BOGO sale by scooping up the Renew Complex Serum. Designed to boost the power of the SolaWave light therapy tools, this serum features a combination of aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and blue tansy oil.

Regardless of which SolaWave goodies you plan on picking up during your Black Friday shopping spree, be sure to act fast. This BOGO sale only lasts as long as SolaWave’s inventory does.