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The Astro Compatibility Of Taylor Swift & Her BFs, Past & Present

She’s got a long list of ex-lovers, but could one of them still be her twin flame bruise?

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If there’s one thing Taylor Swift’s dating history shows, it’s that she’s open to relationships with all kinds of people. Actors, musicians, and most recently football players have managed to catch her eye, making it clear that she doesn’t have a type — at least when it comes to careers and looks. As an astrologer, though, I always try to see past the surface level, and instead took a deep dive into the birth charts for Taylor Swift, her exes, and rumored new boyfriend Travis Kelce to determine whether she actually does ~have a type~ and who’s the most cosmically compatible with her.

Taylor Swift’s Birth Chart, Unpacked

While analyzing Swift’s birth chart, I first noticed that it’s in her nature to be a little chaotic (she’s a freedom-loving Sagittarius sun, after all), so her dating people who also have slightly unhinged placements wasn’t surprising to me. But just because there are a lot of fellow fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) suns in her past loves’ charts doesn’t mean she’s destined to end up with one.

Looking past strictly sun sign compatibility, which only offers a glimpse of what type of partner the Grammy winner may pair well with, I noticed that the rest of her chart is super water-dominant (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), including the other two parts that comprise her big three: an emotional Cancer moon and a passionate Scorpio rising.

A water-dominant person with a fire-dominant person may cause things to fizzle out. In Swift’s case, I’d go as far as to say she’s the least astro-compatible with her fire sun former flames (except for Matty Healy, but more on that later).

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Though I’m not an advocate for judging someone based on their birth chart, I do think it’s beneficial to acknowledge the placements of lovers from the past to better understand who you do and don’t mesh well with to see whether there are any commonalities. For Swift, it appears that her longest public relationships have been with those who have earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and/or water elements in their big three (sun, moon, rising), while the shorter-term situationships have been with those who have a little more fire.

So, if you’re a Swiftie who’s curious to know why her relationship with a certain someone didn’t have a happy ending, astrology may hold some answers. Below, I’ve rounded up 13 (IYKYK) of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends, past and present, and ranked her pairing with each from least to most compatible, based predominantly on their sun/moon sign synastry:

13th: Taylor Swift + Joe Jonas

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Jonas’ zodiac signs: Leo sun, Aquarius moon

Forever and always? Far from it. NGL, I’m not surprised that this relationship infamously ended during a 27-second phone call, considering the aloof nature of Aquarius moons like Joe Jonas. They tend to navigate emotions from a rational perspective, which can oftentimes make them appear a bit cold, something that couldn’t be a worse fit for a Cancer moon like Swift in a relationship.

12th: Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston

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Hiddleston’s zodiac signs: Aquarius sun, Aries moon

Nothing good starts in a getaway car. A Sagittarius sun and an Aquarius sun may be able to engage in good conversation, but that’s about it. Both of these signs need plenty of personal space, so their connection can oftentimes feel like it’s missing something.

Since the Midnights crooner is a Cancer moon, she works best with a partner who can understand and empathize with her emotions. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly a strong suit for Aries moons like Tom Hiddleston.

11th: Taylor Swift + Jake Gyllenhaal

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Gyllenhaal’s zodiac signs: Sagittarius sun, Gemini moon

As the only fellow Sagittarius sun on this list, the Spider-Man: Far From Home actor has to be a great fit for Swift, right? Wrong. Two thrill-seeking Sagittarians in one relationship can often prompt too much inconsistency, especially when one of them has a curious and ever-changing Gemini moon like Jake Gyllenhaal.

While this pairing can be exciting, Gemini moons approach emotions from a light-hearted and playful perspective, which doesn’t always go over all too well with sensitive Cancer moons like Swift.

10th: Taylor Swift + Lucas Till

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Till’s zodiac signs: Leo sun, Aries moon

The X-Men: First Class star, whom Swift dated “for a little bit” after he played her “You Belong With Me” love interest, is the only double fire sign on the list... and there’s probably a reason for that. Two fire signs together can be a lot of fun, but since the Eras Tour performer is a Cancer moon with Scorpio rising, she needs plenty of emotional stability — not something Aries moons are known for. There’s never a dull moment, but this duo isn’t often one that’s able to stand the test of time.

9th: Taylor Swift + Zac Efron

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Efron’s zodiac signs: Libra sun, Virgo moon

While the acts-of-service nature of Zac Efron’s Virgo moon is complementary to Swift’s nurturing Cancer moon, the non-confrontational vibes of the High School Musical alum’s Libra sun aren’t exactly compatible with the mutable fire energy of a Sagittarius sun like Swift. Fire and air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) tend to have great conversations, but fire signs can easily become bored by the fickleness of Libras. Perhaps that’s why the rumors about their alleged relationship didn't last past the premiere of The Lorax.

8th: Taylor Swift + Harry Styles

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Styles’ zodiac signs: Aquarius sun, Libra moon

Looks like Haylor went out of style for a few reasons. The compatibility between the most reserved air sign (Aquarius) and the most free-spirited fire sign (Sagittarius) is a tricky one. While the elements of their two sun signs complement each other well, Swift’s spontaneous Sag qualities may not go over well with those of a fixed sign like Harry Styles’ Aquarius sun.

The “Satellite” singer also has a Libra moon, and their ambivalence can oftentimes clash with the emotional needs of those with a Cancer moon like Swift. Hey, at least they’re still on good terms.

7th: Taylor Swift + John Mayer

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Mayer’s zodiac signs: Libra sun, Sagittarius moon

Travis Kelce and John Mayer have the same sun and moon signs, which means their compatibility with Swift is pretty similar, when considering sun/moon sign synastry. On paper, Libra and Sagittarius may appear to be a good match, but the indecisiveness of a cardinal air sign like Mayer (and Kelce) may not fall in line with Swift’s passionate nature.

The difference is that the “Paper Doll” singer also happens to have Libra rising, which intensifies the uncommitted energy of this sign. (That much is clear from “Dear John.”)

6th: Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce

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Kelce’s zodiac signs: Libra sun, Sagittarius moon

While Swifties are buying all the Kansas City Chiefs merch they can get their hands on, Swift and Travis Kelce’s astrological compatibility is a toss-up. The fact that these two have sun/moon sign synastry is a major plus, but the non-confrontational nature of a Libra like the athlete can quickly ruffle the feathers of a Sagittarius like the pop star.

This is when a deeper dive helps: Swift has Mars in Scorpio and Kelce has Venus in Scorpio — a major green flag when it comes to synastry. It adds passion and magnetism to a connection, especially for the former country crooner, considering she has an abundance of Scorpio energy in her own chart. It may be too early to tell, but I am rooting for these two.

5th: Taylor Swift + Calvin Harris

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Harris’ zodiac signs: Capricorn sun, Cancer moon

A Sagittarius and Capricorn together may sound like an impossible duo, but there’s something about it that just *works*. Sagittarians such as Swift like to let loose, while Capricorns such as Calvin Harris take themselves and their careers very seriously — which may be why their relationship fizzled. (Remember, he dropped her name, so she owes him nothing.)

BUT, the two both have Cancer moons, one of the best indicators of astro compatibility when dating, so take from that what you will.

4th: Taylor Swift + Conor Kennedy

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Kennedy’s zodiac signs: Leo sun, Pisces moon

Conor Kennedy may be the third Leo on the list, but his dreamy Pisces moon is what makes him stand out from the rest. Those with Pisces moons are known for being incredibly idealistic and compassionate, something that Cancer moon Swift can easily relate to. This duo may have been brief, but the Pisces moon x Cancer moon pairing is usually *chef’s kiss*.

3rd: Taylor Swift + Matty Healy

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Healy’s zodiac signs: Aries sun, Taurus moon

Say what you will about this short-lived couple, but Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s astrological compatibility is pretty great. Not only are they both fire sign suns, but they both have the moon in its home signs of Cancer and Taurus, making for a deep, intimate connection between the pair. Though this relationship was brief, something tells me that sparks were flying between these two before it all came crashing down.

2nd: Taylor Swift + Taylor Lautner

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Lautner’s zodiac signs: Aquarius sun, Taurus moon

I can see you, Taylor-squared. I mean, they were so well-suited, they shared a name. As a free-spirited Sagittarius sun, on the surface, Swift gets along well with air signs like Lautner’s Aquarius sun due to their strong communication skills.

Not only is the Twilight actor a complementary sun sign match, but his laid-back Taurus moon is the most supportive placement for Swift’s receptive Cancer moon. Alexa, play “Back to December” once more.

1st: Taylor Swift + Joe Alwyn

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Alwyn’s zodiac signs: Pisces sun, Taurus moon

TBH, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s astrological compatibility couldn’t be more aligned. (Twin flame bruise much?) The former couple’s synastry supports a long-term partnership, which makes total sense, considering they dated for six years. They may no longer be together, but the actor’s placements will still be the invisible string that works really well with the chart topper’s due to the gentle qualities of his Taurus moon, and the intuitive traits of his Pisces sun.


Taylor Swift has a ~thing~ for Venusian men — who are known to be very artistic, good-looking, charming, flirty, and romantic, among other things — considering her top three most compatible exes (Joe Alwyn, Taylor Lautner, and Matty Healy) and her current special someone (Travis Kelce) all have Libra or Taurus in their big three. Huh, maybe she does have a bit of a type.