Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's astrological compatibility is complicated

Taylor & Joe’s Zodiac Compatibility Is Written In The Stars

She wants his midnights 🥺.

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Despite the aggravatingly few glimpses the world gets into their relationship, Taylor Swift and her London Boy seem to be in it for the long haul. I mean, Joe Alwyn did co-write several songs on Folklore and Evermore, and if that’s not evidence of true love, then I don’t know what is. But since fans have yet to see evidence of any rings (paper or otherwise), all the public can do is speculate about the couple's future. Most everyone seems to agree these two are meant to be, which is why Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's astrological compatibility may surprise you. While these two aren't total astrological antagonists, it's actually their signs' shared qualities that could possibly lead to trouble.

Swift's birthday is Dec. 13, which makes her a spontaneous Sagittarius. Alwyn was born on Feb. 21, making him a dreamy Pisces. While both signs always see the glass half full, having two idealists in a relationship can make it tough for them to face reality. TBH, it's fine if they leave the Christmas lights up 'til January and let their friends crash in the living room. But will Swift and Alwyn always be this close, forever and ever? According to astrology, it’s not totally clear. But hopefully, the release of Midnights on Oct. 21 will give us more lyrical insight into their bond.

Swift & Alwyn’s Zodiac Signs Are Both Romantic

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Pisceans and Sagittarians tend to romanticize most situations, and they both have a tendency to find themselves blinded by love before actually getting to know a new romantic partner. Swift has acknowledged she doesn't always think before she jumps, which has sometimes led her to fall hard and fast in relationships.

For both of these signs, a new relationship tends to feel like a fairytale in the beginning (ahem, does “Today Was A Fairytale” ring any bells?), but that infatuation doesn't always last. Pisces and Sagittarius are both mutable signs, which means they crave excitement and change. Long-term relationships can bore these two signs — especially Sagittarius. Another thing these two signs have in common: They're both ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and exploration. When these two meet, the connection often feels instantaneous and magical, and logistical things like distance and schedules are rarely considered.

Sagittarius & Pisces Are Supportive Of Their Partners

As two signs who are known for being idealistic, Sagittarius and Pisces have no problem supporting dreams — both their own and their partner’s. Throughout Swift and Alwyn’s relationship, this duo has proven time and time again that they are there for each other. According to E!, After the release of Alwyn’s show Conversations With Friends in May 2022, Swift took to Instagram to encourage fans to watch, calling it “phenomenal.” And lest we forget Swift and Alwyn’s sweet backstage hug in Miss Americana? Safe to say, these two know how to cheer each other on.

Their Mutability Means They’re Unpredictable

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As mutable signs, Sagittarius and Pisces both have reputations (ahem, get it?) for having an unpredictable side. After all, part of being a romantic is following your heart. Fortunately for Swift and Alwyn, it doesn’t seem like this potential problem has impacted their romance — maybe they’re simply channeling it into their careers with surprise album releases and unexpected acting roles?

Swift & Alwyn’s Moon Signs Are Dedicated

Pisces and Sagittarius might be known for surprising their partners (and not always in the best way), but it seems like Swift and Alywn’s moon signs have helped mellow this tendency. Swift is a Cancer moon, whereas Alywn is a Taurus moon. Known for being sensitive and loyal, Cancer moons tend to stick by their partners, no matter what. Taurus moons appreciate that kind of dedication, valuing consistency and reliability in their romantic partners.

It seems as though this water sign and fire sign are in it for the long run — even if they’re too private to share what that entails.

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